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Why Aurora & Breanna Failed To Launch With Kody’s Other Kids

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It is no secret that Robyn Brown’s daughters Aurora and Breanna failed to launch with Kody Brown’s other children (and wives for that matter). Aurora and Breanna (as well as the children Kody actually created with Robyn) also haven’t been well-received by fans either. Turns out, fans agree there is a rather simple reason for this failure to launch. And, the reason’s name is Kody Brown.

Why did Aurora and Breanna fail to launch?

Sister Wives fans are in agreement that Kody Brown showing favoritism toward Robyn and her children is part of the reason why the rest of the family held disdain for them. From Kody’s other children’s point of view, Aurora and Breanna were stealing their father and limiting the time he got to spend with them.

Likewise, fans recall that Gabe and Gwen were considered to be twins within the family because they were born within a small window of each other. When Robyn came into the family, Kody Brown tried to force Aurora into the mix and call them triplets. Fans pointed out that Gwen and Gabe did not grow up with Aurora. And, Aurora was at least six months younger than Gwen and Gabe. So, adding her into the mix and calling them triplets didn’t even make sense. Fans agree the way Kody forced Aurora on Gwen and Gabe as their “triplet” was “insensitive.” 

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Aurora, Avalon, Breanna

Fans also point out that Kody Brown’s other wives and children get to see how Kody favors Robyn and her children on television. Christine, just as an example, got to see Kody Brown in a perfect and functioning marriage on television while her own marriage with him was in shambles. Unfortunately, fans are in agreement that Kody Brown really set Aurora and Breanna up for failure.

Overall, fans agree that Robyn Brown doesn’t exactly help the situation as she’s raised her children to have her attitude and outlook on life which has created two pretty mean teenagers.

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Do you agree that Kody Brown set Aurora and Breanna up for a failure to launch with the way he forced them on his other children? Was marrying a woman that already had children with another man a mistake? Let us know what you think in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest on Sister Wives.

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  1. The looks on their faces at Christine’s going-away gathering said it all. It was an awful look, snooty, we’re better than you, look. It is unfortunate they have learned this behavior at such an early age. Their mother needs to take a step back. It seems ever since Robyn entered the picture, the family slowly disintegrated. Her tears don’t fool any of us. The only person they might have fooled is Kody. Aurora and Breanna just need to grow up.

    1. Kody has to give respect in order to receive respect. Stop acting like a petulant child. You are NOT a victim. “After all I have done for you all these years …”?! Good Lord. What have YOU done, Kody?! You aren’t husband or Father material. you are a man child. You need to put your glasses on and look at how you convey “love”. How narcissistic , and selfish.

      1. Just my opinion from watch the show:
        The only one I feel sorry for is Janelle.
        Christine got out, house money, hopefully, intact. Kudos Christine!
        Mary’s in it for the long haul, she has her money in the B&B, and somewhere to stay if push comes to shove, but why leave? she’s making money from doing the show, I don’t think her and Kody’s relationship has changed much in 14 years, he’s just more vocal about it on TV.
        Robin is a nice bit younger, and as the ‘legal wife, inherents all. If Janelle leaves, she down to just splitting everything with her beastie Mari.
        Janelle on the other hand just has her trailer, which depreciates over time and enough money to start to build a house. But not enough money to buy land and build.
        If Kody had gotten his way, and Janelle had bought Christine’s house I think both Janelle and Christine would be up the creek. Kody would somehow redirect the mortgage money from Christine and put it into the Cyotee Pass property.

        The whole premise of the series was to show the world how well polygamy works. FAIL! On all sides. Not even one of his kids want anything to do with the lifestyle.

      2. i agree 100 percent what diane said..everyone is equal if you going to be in this type of situation….i don’t think he cares for his family, he see his family is a check and money and power in his pocket, the parents should of know the consequence’s of not taking more time to address it and worked on the whole family situation..i think cody at one will leave all the sister wives and the money with him, with his talks, actions, and lies that he gotten caught, he just didn’t realize his wivies were more smarter then they look.

    2. The kids are not at fault, just imagine what they’re hearing at home. Cody is 100 percent to blame. That man can’t take responsibility for anything. I feel bad for all his ‘wives’.

    3. If Robyn is so concerned about a cohesive family why doesn’t she insist Kody spend equal time with the
      Other families?
      Very telling..

  2. I used to love watching this show but now I have stopped and just learn what’s happening through articles. It’s none of my business what other people do in their lives but when you open yourself up to reality tv…… anything goes. I am proud of Christine and if what I read is true about Janelle….Kudos to you…. Self worth is important and a man doesn’t define you.Only a good man can help you grow as a person. I cant stand the fact that Robyn is treated better than the other wives because she wouldn’t be where she is without them and needs to check herself at the door. All I can say to Meri is….SMH… Good luck with waiting for a man who says he no longer wants you but can treat woman like their feelings don’t matter as well as live off their success….God doesn’t like ugly and karma is real so you should always watch how you treat others

  3. I think it makes me sick .Cody said he didn’t want intimacy with Christine. what the hell did he expect. she deserves so much better and to be loved and happy. he’s an ass, and I hope Janelle so learns the same. why us Mary staying if he doesn’t love her any more. Robin and Cody deserve each other. pathetic

  4. This whole family has gone from a loving and caring bunch to a complete. and utter farce. This all started to implode when Robin joined the family. Biggest mistake was Mari divorcing that pos and Robin getting her kids adopted by him. Thankfully, Christine and Janelle have seen the light. Mari on the other hand is a fool. I hope Janelle gets some of her money back since the million dollar house that she helped Robin has done nothing more than allow Robin and her kids to keep their noses so high in the air that it makes me sick.

  5. Know in the next episode it looks as though Kody is giving the same story to Janelle that he has given both Mary and Christine bu Janelle is stuck there because the money she made on her Vegas home went to buying Robins home!

  6. if you watch old episodes, the family seemed pretty happy. since Robyn and her kids entered the picture, Kody has treated all the other wives and their children like garbage.

    1. So true! He is awful. Yet he blames the women.Why Meri stays is beyond me. I can’t watch it anymore. He is the biggest jerk and doesn’t deserve these women. All he does is have temper tantrums and blames them for his bad behavior!

  7. Where were these 2 girls plus their older brother to help Robin with her 2 younger children? Why did she need a nanny during Civid lock down? Kody made sure the other wives followed the rules but the nanny not so much. Mari followed the rules, why didn’t they get her to help? Guess who were the first to bring Covid to the family.? If I am right it was the nanny’s family.

  8. Cody’s six yr old behaviour is laughable, but seriously pathetic.
    I am so thrilled and excited for Christine…you go girl! Wishing you the happiest life.
    Fingers crossed Janelle will follow you.
    Robyn is a nasty piece of work. She’s a selfish schemer. She and Kody deserve each other.
    Meri, you are not getting any younger. You stay where you are not wanted, why?lisa

  9. Cody is a pathetic human being. Totally self centered egotistical and cruel. He is neither a good father or husband material. What father would deny his children and family medical coverage. He treats his wives like commodities and everything is a financial transaction. The other wives are the bread winners except for Robyn. What has Robyn contributed to the family?? Cody would not be living so high if it weren’t for the other wives. I’m glad Christine and Janelle finally saw the light. This man has ignored it try and rectify his failing relationship with his wives. No one to blame but himself. I hope the other wives get financial restitution for what they have contributed through the years. Cody is a despicable human being. Even his other children recognize that now!!

  10. Kody caused all the problems, he never should have divorced Meri to marry Robyn. Her children are not his children ( the previous husband is the father). Kody has shown favoritism towards Robyn since she joined the family. Kody makes me sick blaming Meri’s catfish scam, Christine’s distance, and Janelle’s independence nothing is his fault ! I’d drop him like a hot potato they can do better ,let Robyn have him. He’s a POS thinking he’s so good.

  11. Kody ever since he brought Robyn into the picture was dead wrong in his actions-first he divorced Meri so he can adopt Robyn’s kids then he legally married her. Second he ask the remaining wives to put in money for her big *** house. Now he really shows favoritism by worrying about Robyn being sick but his daughter from Christine didn’t get the slightest concern when she had her spinal surgery-who does that. Kody not fit to be a father nor husband.

  12. Cody is evil. Robyn could have helped heal the situation by not letting him stay at her place all the time. Ask Robyn to live like Christine had to for years. How could a man not see how unfair he was being? Robyn ruined this family.

  13. ok first of all, everyone in this family is so full of crap, (well the adults anyway)…when the show started they were trying to sale polygamy to the world while behind the scenes JEALOUSY ran rampant…Christine’s line was I wanted the family not just the man (lie) she was jealous of everyone except herself and her kids…..meri only allowed kody a divorce because she thought she was running away with another man (until it was actually a woman catfishing her) not to mention her victim complex that shows everytime she opens her mouth…and robyn was a single mom with bad credit looking for a free ride and found it in kody and has ran all the wives away from kody to have him for herself(mission accomplished)…kody is a narcissistic pervert that I wouldn’t trust around any of my children because he runs from state to state like a serial killer looking for hunting grounds…I actually dnt have anything to say about Janelle bad or good but she needs to get herself away from all these idiots before she starts to act like them

  14. Well i think they are snoopy just like their mom. So the apple don’t fall to far from the tree. But anywho Congratulations to Christine for real for leaving cuz Kody is a complete Asshole baby and she deserves so much better

  15. Kody is a royal piece of s#[email protected] He blames everyone but himself for his pain. I haven’t seen him try to keep his marriages to anyone except Robyn. It really is crazy to me knowing that there is actually someone worse than Kody in this picture that is the father of Robyns 3 children that gave up right to his children so they could be adopted by this narcissistic pedophiler. Knowing that his children are going to most likely be Kodys next wife(s).

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