Wendy Williams Needs Assistance Walking Amid Health Woes

Wendy Williams [The Wendy Archive | YouTube]

Wendy Williams needed assistance walking amid her health woes. In September 2021, Wendy took a hiatus from her namesake talk show. Her prolonged absence led to its cancelation earlier this year. Wendy informed fans that she was struggling with Grave’s Disease and Lymphedema.

She also had a breakthrough case of COVID-19 after getting the vaccine. Wendy is making a slow return to the public eye after leaving a Malibu rehab two months ago. However, fans noticed that she still has trouble walking due to her ongoing health issues. Keep reading to learn more and to see the video for yourself.

Wendy Williams [The Wendy Archive | YouTube]
[The Wendy Archive | YouTube]

Wendy Williams struggles to walk in NYC

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Wendy Williams is remaining in New York City after leaving a treatment facility for alcohol abuse. She concerned fans in her latest sighting. This is different from her appearance at an event earlier this month when Wendy made her big return to the public eye.

She looked happy, carefree, and confident. Wendy was coherent as she spoke with fans and radio personalities about her career at the WBLS’ Circle of Sisters event. Fans were excited about her comeback. Wendy had them concerned again when a new video surfaced of the former The Wendy Williams Show host staggering and asking for assistance.

Wendy Williams [The Wendy Archive | YouTube]
[The Wendy Archive | YouTube]
Wendy was entering her New York City penthouse apartment. The paparazzi crowded her and asked her how she’s been feeling. Next, they asked her about her relationship with her son Kevin Jr. Despite Tommy’s claims that she’s estranged from her son, Wendy claims they still talk.

The former radio personality also asked for assistance as she made her way into the NYC penthouse. “Can I have your hand, please? Can I have your hand? Somebody’s hand!” she asked. Wendy grabbed onto a woman who was entering the same door as her.  She almost stumbled as she walked in her big furry boots.

Fans concerned for former daytime queen

The video went viral on social media. It was also posted to YouTube and Instagram. Some of Wendy Williams’ fans took to the comment section to react to the shocking footage. They sent well wishes and prayers for her to heal from her ongoing health issues.

  • “This made me so uncomfortable. wishing her nothing but the best.”
  • “I can’t imagine struggling and having a camera in my face like that. Being well known seems like it would be a tough thing to bear.”
  • “This is so sad. Praying for Wendy. This is someone’s mother and daughter.”

Wendy Williams is reportedly estranged from her family. What are your thoughts on her needing assistance? Do you think she’ll ever overcome her health issues? Sound off below in the comment section.

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