Emotional Wendy Williams Has Intimate Reunion With Fans

Wendy Williams Wears Crown On Talk Show [Girl Boss Videos | YouTube]

An emotional Wendy Williams had an intimate reunion with fans. She made her first public appearance since leaving rehab in September. TV Shows Ace was the first to report the first photo of Wendy reunited with friends in New York City.

She returned to her penthouse apartment instead of her family home in Florida. Two months ago, Wendy entered a Malibu wellness facility for alcohol abuse. She broke down in tears during the private reunion with her fans.

Read on to learn more and to see what the television personality had to say.

Wendy William Wears Crown [Girl Boss Videos | YouTube]
[Girl Boss Videos | YouTube]

Former talk show host makes her first public appearance

Wendy Williams attended her former radio station’s annual Circle of Sisters gathering on Monday, November 21 in Queens, New York. She wore a black sparkly jumpsuit, which she paired with matching fur boots. Wendy took part in an intimate reunion with her fans, who cheered her comeback. She was overcome with emotion and the welcome she received.

The former talk show host was invited to the gathering that took place at Resorts World in Queens. Wendy Williams was featured in the lineup for a conversation with WBLS’ DJ JusNik. Her rep Shawn Zanotti told E! News that she was emotional about her return to the public eye just two months after she left rehab. Fans greeted Wendy with a round of applause.

“These are tears of laughter, but also tears of sincere thank you,” Wendy Williams told the audience.

In the conversation, she talked about finding love after marriage. Just before she entered rehab, rumors swirled that Wendy was secretly married. She admitted that she “can’t wait to fall in love.” However, that doesn’t mean she wants to walk down the aisle.

“I want him to have already had kids,” Wendy Williams said in a video posted to WBLS’ social media accounts. “I want him to be someplace between, someplace around my age, you know, maybe 10 years younger than me, and maybe 15 years older than me, you know what I mean?”

Wendy Williams talks about the love of her life

The former talk show personality had a lot to say about the love of her life. She shared this vision of working together, being together, and traveling together. Wendy Williams loves the idea of traveling from New York to France for just a few days. She said she would be down for a man like that who’s willing to keep up with her.

Wendy joked: “Do we fly private or do we fly public?” After the event, her publicist told Entertainment Tonight that she wanted to take part “in a momentous and sentimental moment with the audience.” Wendy Williams wants to get back to doing what she does best, which starts with her fanbase. She expressed gratitude and appreciation for the warm welcome she received.

What are your thoughts on Wendy Williams’ intimate reunion with her fans? Do you think it was the best step to take after rehab? Do you think Wendy is ready for a comeback? Sound off below in the comment section.

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