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‘SW‘ Christine Brown Glows With Two New Babies In Her Arms

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Christine Brown is in Oma heaven. Moving from Flagstaff to Utah meant a lot of things. One of them was that she would be close to her daughter Mykelti Padron. At the time, Mykelti was a new mother to her daughter, Avalon Asa along with her husband Tony. Then, earlier this year, the couple, who wed in 2016, announced they were expecting again. This time, they were welcoming not one but two babies. Now that they have made their arrival, Oma Christine just cannot get enough.

Christine Brown Glows With Two New Babies In Her Arms

On November 17th, Mykelti underwent an emergency C-section. She had been induced but the babies were breached. Therefore, this was the safest way for them to come into the world. Christine was by her daughter’s side along with her former sister wife, Robyn, and Tony’s mother. Finally, the twin boys, Archer and Ace were Earthside and Christine was so excited to love on them. Their big sister, Avalon was a bit skeptical at first but she has become somewhat comfortable with their presence.

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The first photo Christine shared of her and the boys was extremely sweet. She clearly is beyond thrilled that the twins are here. Then, in her latest Instagram posting, Christine is glowing like never before. Her smile was bigger than ever before and she radiated with this joy that has never been seen.

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Fans first took note of Christine’s glow the moment that she returned home to Utah and was back with her older children. Being away from a toxic environment of Kody helped a lot. Avalon was the icing on the cake and now the twins are the absolute cherries on top. “You are just glowing!! I’m glad the world has a Christine in it!! And look at those darling babies,” one follower noted. This is absolutely the truth.

The Only Men She Needs

When Christine Brown told Kody she was leaving Flagstaff for Utah, he tried to keep her from leaving. He claimed that Utah men did not like polygamists. Therefore, they would use her for all that she had, take him for all he had, and they would be left with nothing. He was grasping at straws but he could not win. Christine knew that she would be far better off alone than with him. In a conversation with his second wife, Janelle, she was asked about dating again.

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At the time, she had yet to turn fifty. There was that hope that she would find someone so that she could be in love again. The final act in her and Kody’s marriage was the removal of intimacy by her husband. She did not want to be in a romance-free marriage when it had already collapsed so much. Now, she is dating for fun and has the two best dates a woman could ask for in little Ace and Archer.

Are you happy to see Christine finally in the best possible place? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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