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‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Takes Fans Inside Her New Life

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Christine Brown is living her best life right now. She is in Utah with her children and everyone has adapted incredibly well. Furthermore, she gets to spend a lot of time with her daughter Mykelti Padron and her little girl, Avalon. That being said, Christine had been spending extra special time with Avalon. Mykelti was expecting twin boys with her husband, Tony Padron. Now, the boys have made their grand entrance into the world and everything has changed. Christine has excitedly taken her fans inside her new life. Read on for more details.

Christine Brown Takes Fans Inside Her New Life

Sister Wives fans just watched Christine say goodbye to her family in Flagstaff on the show. Yet, in real-time, the mother of six has been living in Utah for some time now. She has more than adapted and is making new traditions with her family over there including Aspyn, her husband, Mitch, Mykelti, and her growing family. Speaking of growing, Mykelti just welcomed the twin boys into the world, Ace and Archer.

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This has brought Christine so much joy. She loves being an Oma more than anything in this world. During the holidays last year, she was able to practice new traditions with Avalon. This was incredibly precious and special for Christine, who is reliving her divorce from Kody every week on television. Now, she has three babies to love on and she shared the two new additions on her Instagram.


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Not only did she share a photo of herself holding the twins, but she shared pictures of the new parents. She gave credit to Mykelti for how well she is doing and added how impressed the nurses are. Her first birth was at home and Christine assisted. Mykelti’s father’s fourth wife, Robyn was also there via Zoom to help as much as she could. However, Avalon had her cord wrapped around her neck a few times. This go round, Mykelti had revealed that she would be delivering in the hospital and was ready for whatever came her way.

Everything Happens For A Reason

It was not easy for Christine Brown to finally admit that her marriage was over. However, it has been the best thing for her. Everyone who follows the former sister wife notes how she is glowing since she left the plural marriage. More so, they are thrilled that she is living the life that she truly deserves. This includes dating some though she has yet to say that she has found anything serious just yet. It does not seem like she will have much time with all of the loving she will be doing on Ace and Archer plus toddler, Avalon.

What do you think of Christine Brown’s new life? Is it far better than where she was before? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. She needed change, love, peace, kindness, independence, a new beginning get away from a narcissist.

    How she did it all those yrs is what she will seeing upcoming months. She is kind and loving,caring, great mom he just didn’t care or have responsibilities that were important enough to keep family together . Congratulations Christene you got this you will do awesome .

  2. Love the calm way she handled the drama queen, Kody. So happy for her and wish her the best of everything! Everyone deserves to be loved, not just tolerated, in the true sense if the word.

  3. It’s so wonderful to see her enjoy her daughter and new grand babies! To be surrounded by love and joy is everything!

  4. She is a total Rock Star! Such an icon of strength for SO MANY! Ty Christine for sticking with your gut and showing other women in abusive relationships they CAN make it out! Keep Rockin It!

  5. I’ve had a BAD feeling about Kody since I first saw the show. He should have been called out during the ME TO MOVEMENT, controlling the woman he lives with, how HORRIBLE he treats them and the kids, No Wonder his kids don’t Like him and Christine left him…and what the Hell is Meri doing, Kody hasn’t treated You Bad enough, you waiting for MORE ABUSE??? Girl get your Self esteem back. Robyn your pathetic and insecure that You seem to Not being to handle life without anyone to Help You? Kody has become MENTALLY UNHINGED, you’re going to be Kodys Next Abuse Victim. I don’t think Janelle cares either way, she stands up to Kody, Now he’s begging her for Attention? If she leaves Kody would have to start over, if anyone who’s considering a life with Kody, this is what’s going to happen to YOU. Shame on TLC for keeping a show going which woman and children are being Verbally ABUSED, No wonder ABUSE CONTINUES!!!

    1. Elaine, perfectly said! I would have said all this, but you just did and read my mind. Right on and we’ll said! God bless you for baby the courage to get out Christine. I hope your life from here on out is fabulous. My name is Beth, and I’m a domestic violence victim and I penned a book under my pen name Michelle Dupree titled Beat the Crap Out of Domestic Violence

  6. Christine is amazing and you literally are my role model at my age . I am so proud of you for standing up and taking your life back, it took courage to trust the process and remove yourself from toxic not knowing what you would do but you leaped. Tlc needs a show with just Christine and Janelle life after polygamy. I won’t be watching any shows after this season with Kody. To keep a narcissistic monster on the show who emotionally abused these women and abandoned his children is not something to support #cancelkody

  7. I am reliving how my past life mirrors these 4 woman. Some folks might say to just leave. That’s easier said than done. I feel that until you’re in their shoes that you don’t what you’d do. I see a little of myself in each woman. I left my abusive prior life and in a short time, I felt such “Joy”. STOP the brainwashing madness.

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