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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Call Out Mykelti For Christine’s Farewell ‘Party’

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Sister Wives fans were not happy with Christine’s daughter, Mykelti Padron. As her mother was preparing to leave her Flagstaff, Mykelti came to town with her husband, Tony, and their newborn. Since Mykelti is still close with her father, Kody, and his wife, Robyn, she felt a proper goodbye was necessary. She wanted to prove to everyone that they were still a family even though Christine was leaving. Unfortunately, her efforts did not come off well to fans of the show. They took to Twitter to vent their frustrations and it was not a good look for the soon-to-be mother of three.

Sister Wives Fans Call Out Mykelti For Christine’s Farewell ‘Party’

When Mykelti Padron came to Flagstaff, she had more plans than just helping her mother pack. She spent the day with her dad, Kody, and his fourth wife, Robyn. To Mykelti, Robyn will always be a mother to her and she wants it to be clear that they will always be family. No matter what happens with Christine, Mykelti will always be close to Robyn and her kids. While they were packing up the Flagstaff home, Mykelti asked her mom if they were having anything to commemorate the move.

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Christine revealed that nothing had been planned and it seemed like it was probably for the best. Mykelti did not understand this so she suggested that everyone come by. This was approved by her mom but only with those still in town. Kody, Robyn, and four of their kids came by while Janelle and her kids were there. However, the tension from Kody and Robyn’s side could be cut with a knife and fans felt it was very “tone deaf” of Mykelti.

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“@Mykelti_P is incredibly tone deaf. this meeting was a mistake…she sounds ridiculous and clueless,” one fan tweeted. Another added: “Mykelti, you’re a moron.” That was followed by: “glad Mykelti got the goodbye she needed I guess? Jesus, overstepping much, girl?” Finally, one person noted: “That was humiliating & unnecessary. Thanks for nothing Mykelti.” Of course, there were some who felt she was trying to be an adult and responsible but the show could have gone on without the farewell.

A New Beginning

Despite the awkward goodbye, Sister Wives fans have watched Christine adjust seamlessly to her new life in Utah. She lives really close to Mykelti and her other daughter, Aspyn. Furthermore, she still maintains a close relationship with her former sister wife, Janelle. They work together and are thriving in their business. It is clear that a bad goodbye led to a happy hello for Christine and her youngest daughter, Truely.

Do you think Mykelti should have not coordinated this uncomfortable group farewell? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. NO She should of not gotten involved it would of been Christine decision not her daughter. And if the others didn’t decide to come well it’s on them and again Kody is a jerk. but karma is a B##CH .

  2. Has anyone ever thought about this, maybe Mykelti just want something normal , her mom didn’t seem to have a issue with it ,so why does everyone else have an issue

    1. It’s pretty clear her mom did have an issue and didn’t want this. it was awkward all the way around and unnecessary. just more bad feelings added on to a bad situation.

  3. I think that Makelti is very much like her Mom and she took the initiative to do this for the sake of everyone being family. This was not about Christine and Kody and Robyn. Just her siblings. Makelti was trying to make the best of the worst. She has the makings of a compassionate daughter.

  4. so sad truly couldn’t hug her brother n sisters goodbye. funny, Kody n Robin didn’t have distance with mykelti n her husband when they were visiting. Kody is a real jerk.. he should be honest with All that he just wants a marriage to ro bin

  5. WTH; Kody is so pathetic of how he is showing his so called love to Kristian on her leaving him, an the anger he is showing towards her an how Kody used to love her: You notice he NEVER ONCE had feelings like this towards Meri? And Meri divorced him so he can Marry Robin for her kids from another guy,An Kody treats Merri like shit

  6. I’m glad that Christine’s leaving. now maybe the show Will go on with a different storyline because this one is tiresome. I think Christine’s daughter was out of line with this calling people to say goodbye. and as far as everyone being family we will see as time goes on. but as of now I don’t see it.

    1. I think Cody looks at all like a cash cow glad to see that one has figured it out.It’s all about him and his feelings,sacrifice,his heart and his love? Talking about How mean everybody has been to Robyn.Give me a break.

  7. kody is a class a jerk. That was very awkward to watch. It’s OK for him to hug one person or another person but the kids cant hug each other. i hope Janelle and Meri take off too.

  8. I see the fabric of this plural family fraying. When you have this many wives and children, with the now addition of grandchildren, I don’t see this type of family system sustaining. I see jealousies and resentments starting to compound, not enough devotion to any of the wives or children, it’s just not doable for everyone to get what they need.

  9. It’s obvious Kody doesn’t see himself as a jerk, but what a pig. Kudos to Christine for getting away from his toxic @ss!

  10. Mykelti should mind her own business. No one wanted to be there other than her. I think it was all about Mykelti trying to make a statement that they all remain her family. I am curious to see how this goes for holidays and special events.

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