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‘Gold Rush’: Who Is Tony Beets’ Son Mike?

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Gold Rush fans want to know more about Tony Beets’ son Mike. Tony has been showing off his gold-digging experience on the Discovery Channel show since its inception. Tony started working in mining long before he became a household name. Fans closely follow his family, which includes his three children. However, one of Tony’s kids is struggling with the family business.

Learn about Gold Rush Tony Beets’ son Mike

Tony grew up on a family farm located in the Netherlands. The Gold Rush star immigrated to Canada in 1984 where he worked as a machine operator. Per Discovery, Mike was a first-generation immigrant. Tony’s booming mining business became a success thanks to the help of his family.

Tony Beets [Discovery | YouTube]
[Discovery | YouTube]
Mike Beets works alongside his father on the show. He’s been working ever since he was 13 years old. Some Gold Rush fans wonder if it’s even legal for families to allow their children and teens to work in mining. Mike became hard-working and ambitious as a result. He became the one that the family would turn to until his personality got the best of him.

Mike was unwilling to help Tony Beets

In a clip shared by Discovery, Mike wasn’t like his usual helpful self. Normally, he would take care of his father in a pinch. One day, Mike’s behavior changed when Tony asked him for help. He kept asking his son if he could hear him on the radio.

Tony planned to check out the Paradise Hill mine to look at the Trommel screen and fix it. He grew frustrated with Mike who wouldn’t respond. Tony cussed at him and asked him to help him fix it. Mike informed his father that the Trommel wouldn’t move.

He learned this from somebody else. Mike was annoyed with the Gold Rush camera crew and told them to get out of his way. He didn’t want to deal with it anymore. Suddenly, the reality star was annoyed with being on television.

Meanwhile, Tony is still reaching out to his soon. He asks him, “Do you copy?” Mike tells him, “No, I don’t.” Tony asks his other son Kevin to help him out. He gets angry and tells him to “fix this piece of sh*t.” By this point, Gold Rush fans are concerned about Mike.

Mike sparks concern among Gold Rush fans

Mike told Tony that the Trummel can’t be fixed. He’s not happy when Kevin tries to fix the problem himself. He gets into Tony’s car and the two drive to another area of the mine. Tony informed his son that he can’t quit when things are tough.

This is an important lesson for the Gold Rush viewers at home. Despite the tense work situation, Tony says that he will always care about his son. However, he has to speak to him as he would with an employee.

Mike & Tony Beets Arguing [Discovery | YouTube]
[Discovery | YouTube]
Mike’s behavior sparked concern among Gold Rush fans. Tony ended up leaving Mike in charge of the sluicing and stripping. Then, he left to get a drink at the bar. Fans hope that Mike will get his head in gear and back on the job.

What are your thoughts on Tony Beets’ son Mike? Do you think he was having a bad day? Or, do you think he’s over it? Sound off below in the comment section.

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