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Kody Brown Only Loves Women Who Bow To Him

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Kody Brown is struggling with his second wife, Janelle. She knows what she wants and she does not listen to whatever he tells her to do. With that being said, will her rebellion be the true downfall of the Brown family? Is Kody the kind who only loves women who bow down to his every need? Read on for more details.

Kody Brown Has An Affinity For Women Who Bow To Him

The one problem that Kody and Christine faced in their marriage was that she stopped always saying “yes.” Though she came into the plural relationship and cleaned up the mess, she ran herself ragged. She did everything that she was supposed to as a sister wife which was much appreciated. Soon, her father told her that she had to take time for herself. It was at that moment, when she stopped being the perfect obedient wife, that Kody struggled with her.

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Fortunately, Robyn came in around that time and was able to give him that adoration that he needed. She has not wavered one bit and has held strong that she must obey her husband. Furthermore, she has ensured that her three kids from her previous marriage do the same. Christine continued to have problems with Kody, which he claimed were due to her wanting more than the other wives. However, she simply just wanted a fair marriage. She also became much more independent and he did not know how to handle this.

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Janelle has always been independent and the breadwinner of the family. Now, she is solely making choices that benefit her and Kody does not care for this. He has pointed out on several occasions that Robyn listens to him and does what he asks. That her children fall into line and do what is best for the family as a whole. It is more than clear that Kody only likes women who bow down to him and not those who challenge him. This could pose a problem as he has very strong daughters.

Will He Be Left Alone?

Kody Brown has already lost Christine to divorce. As for Meri, she is quite independent but she is allegedly faithful to the plural family. It does not much matter as Kody has said there will never be anything romantic between the two. Still, she admittedly holds out hope. Janelle is showing signs of wanting to leave, especially next week. There is so much that she aims to do and does not want Kody to come in and hinder that. She outwardly lets him know that she will never be a subservient wife like Robyn. Finally, there’s Robyn who loves and adores him but is struggling with his anger issues. He might need to change his ways or he will be left alone.

Do you think Kody only loves women who bow down to his every need? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. Kody whines about him “not being respected”. Kody needs to look in the mirror. He has not supported his wives and children. He is not up for the task of being a loving, caring, spouse and Father and let’s not forget-ge has been a poor provider. Had Kody treated each and every family member with love, support and kindness instead of putting himself first and using these women to provide for him and the family and don’t forget, constantly stroking his enormous ego he wouldn’t have these issues. Grow up Kody.

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