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Fans Call Out Kody Brown For Crumbling Marriage To Janelle

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Kody Brown refuses to listen to Janelle. Rather, he does not hear his second wife when she has something to say. She has mentioned that she has to take action or it will never get done. Now, the mother of six is in the process of preparing to leave RV life behind on Sister Wives. Janelle has a perfectly formulated plan. However, because it was not Kody’s idea, he seems to not care for it. Again, he is proposing something new to her and she is not up for it at all. Read on for more details.

Kody Brown & Janelle Butt Heads Over A Home

Janelle moved onto Coyote Pass in an RV when her rental was sold. That being said, there have been some issues with the trailer. She also knows that her permit is coming to end. The weather will also start to get colder so she has started looking at rentals in town. There, Janelle found one that she really likes though Kody seems to feel slighted that he was not consulted. In a clip for Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives, a new opportunity arises.

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Christine had an offer on her home so she left for her new place in Utah. However, it is soon discovered that the offer has fallen through so Kody proposes that they buy the house. According to The Sun, Janelle is vehemently against this idea. “I’m ready to be settled in my own house,” she tells her husband since 1993. He lets her know that she is clearly not thinking like an “entrepreneur” which she has been for several years. Along with Christine, the two have had a lot of MLM success while Janelle owns a wellness company called Strive with Janelle.

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She proceeds to scream that she wants her own home. It is clear that she does not want to live where someone else did or where their marriage failed. Furthermore, Janelle speaks in her confessional about how Kody already has a home with Robyn. In fact, Janelle has been the only wife who has floundered. Both Robyn and Christine bought their homes while Janelle and Meri rented. Yet, Meri owns her B&B in Parowan so this leaves Janelle with her RV.

Fans See The Demise Of The Marriage

While watching the clip of Janelle and Kody Brown going back and forth over the property, fans could see this was really the true beginning of the end. They headed on over to Twitter to express their feelings about everything. One fan tweeted: “Soon it’ll be called no sister wives.” Another added: “You do what you have to janelle. Build your house. Leave kody behind. He only thinks of himself. He has a house with Robyn his wife.” Finally, someone joked about Kody saying he never wanted to see Christine or her home ever again then pushing Janelle to buy it.

Do you think it is truly over for Janelle and Kody and they are just buying time for the cameras? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. Cody is a narcissist and will never be wrong or responsible for his actions. He finds it easy to blame everything on the wives. He wants respect well he needs to show some to his family.

    I am glad Janelle and Christine are thinking for themselves.

    He just uses Meri. She needs to move on and get her own life without Kody. She needs to let go of that mess and say bye. He has no respect for her based on how he treats her and what he says. No man should say what he does to these women and shame on the wives for putting up with it. Self esteem is important and Christine is the only one that has some. He is a disgusting example of a man!

    1. I think all of them should leave Cody except Robin he treats the others like dirt I wouldn’t stay married to him either

  2. Boy this season you can really this is the last season you can really see what a crappy husband and father Cody has become he’s let his fears control his life he is mean to his wives if they don’t go along with what he wants then he turns on you and even with his infection and he wonders why these women are leaving him you can’t have conditional love he says he forgives but he sure as heck haven’t forgiven Mary for anything and she’s hanging in there I don’t know why but it’s just a sad situation and I hope Jenelle and Mary get out of it and I hope that Robin wakes up and smell the coffee there is nobody destroying her marriage except for Cody

  3. Kody is a pig and he only want for himself. He a user and they all should leave his lying ass behind. And make him pay. For every thing. He. A nasty pig

    1. I agree, Kody is disgusting 🤢 He used his religion to have 4 wives , yet he swears curses, Meri should wake up!. Robyn is his only wife! Robyn and Kody got what they wanted! each other 😁

  4. This is getting really interesting. I was curious as to how this situation can be maintained with fairness and without Bias. I really believe this has become something bigger than everyone expected. I see why individuals in this lifestyle. Choose to hide.

  5. I’m really on Janelle signed. I see everything that Cody has done putting me putting me is Cody is going through now. Many men have been divorced and they don’t act us childish as Cody has he could not go to his daughters surgery because of Covid, but he could certainly be a round robin. He is not in a polygamist marriage in my opinion, because he would give all four wives, the same attention however, he does not he favors Robin Robin is his favorite, and Robin needs to keep her nose out of everybody else’s business also, she wants to think that she is the one that is being hurt by this. I think Janelle is really hurt I think that the children already know exactly what’s going on and Cody again he’s selfish.

  6. I wish meri and jenelle who go ahead and leave I think there lives would be so much better Cody is and ass and he only cares about Robyn once they get on there own they will see how peaceful it is without a man trying to take over everything

  7. I think it would be funny if when Robyn and kody finally get their way and get rid of all the women and kids except for Robyn’s of course, then have to just focus on each other and then realize they don’t even like each other. I’ve seen this game since day one

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