Kody Brown Refuses To Break His Back For Janelle

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Kody Brown and his second wife, Janelle are struggling. Their living situation is not ideal for him and he wants a quick fix. She is currently making due while living in an RV with their youngest daughter, Savanah. The mother of six opted to do this so she could put all of her resources toward Coyote Pass. Now, a housing opportunity has come up but Janelle does not want to take it. This is causing Kody to lash out with both of them butting heads. He is over the situation and claims he will no longer break his back for her any longer.

Kody Brown Refuses To Break His Back For Janelle

In the latest episode of Sister Wives, Christine has left for Utah. With that, Janelle is utilizing Christine’s water source for her RV. Kody notices that she is there so he stops to chat. As it turns out, the offer for Christine’s Flagstaff home has fallen through. Since the permit on Janelle’s RV is about to expire, she has been looking at six-month rentals in town. With Christine’s home available and Janelle needing a place, Kody now has a genius idea.

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He thinks that they should buy Christine’s home, pay off the land, and then rent out the house. Though it is a beautiful home, it was Christine and Kody’s dream, not Janelle’s. She wants to be on the land. The sole reason she did not purchase her previous rental was so that she could put the money into the Coyote Pass land. That is why she is living in an RV and making the sacrifices that she is. She does not want to live in this home and she wants her own place.

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Kody counters that she is not thinking like an entrepreneur but she does not care what he has to say. At the end of the day, he has a home with Robyn to go home to. Janelle does not want to take out more loans and mortgages if it is something that will not benefit her. She has done all of the work to get the mockups of their homes on the land and she is ready to build yet he maintains the money is not there. Janelle keeps pushing to get on the land but Kody is tired and says he is done breaking his back for a wife with no respect.

Where Will She Live?

Fortunately for Janelle, Christine’s home did end up selling. This took the decision out of her hands but she saw how Kody Brown can be relentless. He has an emotional attachment to Christine’s home but Janelle wants to make her own memories. She wants to live somewhere that suits her. More so, she does not need Kody trying to bait her into something that simply does not feel right. She really does not see the hold-up for building on Coyote Pass but it just creates a deeper divide.

Do you think Kody is just angry that he did not get his way? Furthermore, will the family ever make it on to their land? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. Obviously Kody is turning on Janelle because he didn’t get his way. He’s a narcissist he’s going to get his way or walk away. He doesn’t except no for and answer. when Robin didn’t want the house she has and wanted to build on Coyote Pass. He threatened to leave her. Cody’s love is conditional, he loves you as long as you meet his conditions. Of course he’s not breaking his back for Jenelle anymore. Because he can’t get her to break her’s anymore and him reap all the benefits. With full control how her money is spent. He really doesn’t want any of them but Robyn and her kids. But he needs the other wives to work and keep him and Robyn and her smart mouth disrespectful kid’s up. think about it. He’s in a sexless relationship with his first wife. Didn’t want to spend anymore time with the other two. He stays with Robyn and blames COVID, so he doesn’t have to leave Robyn’s side when his daughter had surgery even. He couldn’t be away from her that long. He needed his other 3 wives to work and swell up his bank account. And spend the money on his foolish spending he does on the side. Spend their money on Robyn and her kid’s and himself for sure. With them sitting home alone and he doesn’t even have to visit them. Finances have always been a problem but did anyone notice even on the 1st episode the sports car he drove. He didn’t and don’t drive a car that says family man who loves his kid’s and drives them any where. He couldn’t drive more than one at a time. He drives around like a man living it up with the single life. Or a midlife crisis, I’m surprised any of those woman stayed any length of time with him. Except for Robyn I can see why she ain’t going no where. She lives up but you can bet she sees her share of mantantrums, and manipulation and her at her slightest resistance to his commands starts a war.

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