‘The Bold And The Beautiful’: Hopeless Is A Good Word For Bill

What viewers witnessed on The Bold and the Beautiful recently was how pathetic Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) is – even more so than his normal self. It’s obvious he’s in love with Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang). However, it doesn’t seem possible that he’d make Katie Logan (Heather Tom) his blatant second choice.

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The Bold and the Beautiful’s Bill is a two-timing jerk

Katie is a smart cookie and knows how the billionaire mogul feels about her sister. Bill has been after Katie to come back to him out of sheer loneliness. She’s quite aware of this. His jaw-dropping profession of love to two women on the same day within an hour of each other seems outlandish – even for him. Luckily, Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) overheard everything Bill said to both Brooke and Katie. Neither woman knows what Bill did.

Reliving the scene, Brooke turns Bill down for the hundredth time before she leaves the room. She’s not giving up Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) despite being with Taylor (Krista Allen) for the time being. Once Brooke is out of sight, Katie walks into Brooke’s house with Bill standing there feeling rejected. He repeats the same lines to her as he said to Brooke … he’s in love with her and doesn’t want anyone else.

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What does this mean for Bill Spencer’s character?

In a nutshell, The Bold and the Beautiful just showed that Bill shouldn’t be with anyone. His clear disrespect for Katie – and Brooke for that matter – proves he’s untrustworthy for any woman. If he has any respect for the mother of his child, Bill wouldn’t even consider doing that to her. He knows Katie doesn’t want to be second to Brooke. Somehow, he does exactly that. To everyone’s relief watching the show, Katie turns down Bill once more.

Eventually, Carter may fill Katie in on Bill’s actions. He likely won’t spare Katie’s feelings. Now that Bill is putting Carter on notice to stay away from Katie, it’s sure to come out. What this means for Bill’s character is his credibility tanking in the love department. He’ll still go after Brooke despite the fact she rejects him time and time again.

What’s next for Bill

According to spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful, Bill will complain to his son, Liam, about Brooke turning him down. Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) overhears the conversation and taunts Bill. Deacon is another one Bill has warned to steer clear of Brooke.

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What’s likely next for Bill on the show is he’ll continue chasing Brooke while bullying the other men out of his way. His possessive nature toward Katie will forge some kind of tension with Carter. In the meantime, Bill is out in the cold. His character is becoming more irredeemable the more he opens his mouth.

Will he ever find anyone else to love other than Brooke? He’ll never fully have her heart because she loves Ridge. If he does, the poor woman may find herself in Katie’s shoes.

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