‘The Bold & The Beautiful’: Is John McCook Contract Rumor True?

The Bold and the Beautiful

Everyone is talking about The Bold and the Beautiful character, Eric Forrester (John McCook), and whether he’s leaving the show. In the show’s script, Eric is looking at a few months before he dies. All signs point to the actor leaving the show. A huge rumor about a recent three-year contract he signed with the show is taking the soap world by storm. However, the writer of the original story is coming forward.

John McCook allegedly signed a new contract with the show

CBS isn’t commenting about McCook’s contract on The Bold and the Beautiful, but many media outlets are speculating. One in particular wrote exclusively that McCook extended his contract to remain on B&B for three more years. Currently, it’s still a source websites are linking to for the news that so many fans are hoping is true.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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The writer who reported the contract story is “coming clean” with fans of The Bold and the Beautiful. She alleges on NewsBreak that she was instructed by Celebrity Dirty Laundry’s editor to concoct the article about John McCook’s contract. Christie Massey feels the need to be truthful about the allegations. She didn’t expect the article to be sourced by so many writers for their own news.

According to the Massey, she writes:

The owner of CDL has a history of encouraging his writers to blatantly lie and disguise those fabrications as spoilers to get page views. The lie in the article about McCook was weighing heavily on me, so I decided to come clean.

It’s possible that John McCook signed another contract with The Bold and the Beautiful. It’s doubtful he signed a three-year deal, considering the soap opera is only renewed one-to-two years at a time.

Is John McCook leaving The Bold and the Beautiful?

From appearances and lack of news revolving around the real status of McCook’s contract, it seems that Eric Forrester is really dying. Soaps have a way of convincing audiences a character is about to move, leave, or die, but then the plot flip-flops … and all is back to normal.

Furthermore, no hope for miracle treatments can be done for Eric. There might be a last-minute change, but why put so much effort into a sad, hopeless storyline for Eric? Surely there are other characters The Bold and the Beautiful writers can focus on — or — give Eric something different other than “dying.”

Christie Massey didn’t expect the feedback she received to be so supportive. Many are thanking Massey for doing the right thing by squashing the rumor about McCook’s contract. It’s not unusual for some websites to inflate news or add to rumors. Asking a writer to allegedly flat-out lie about something as huge as signing a contract is a bit out there.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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Eric Forrester will be missed

As much as everyone wants to believe that Eric Forrester will be around, that may not be the case — at least in the meantime. Showbiz is a strange animal, and it’s hard to know what to believe. Who knows if a turn of events will suddenly keep Eric on the show?

For more spoilers, speculations, and gossip on The Bold and the Beautiful, check back with TV Shows Ace.

Heather Tooley


  1. There must be a better option than watching Eric’s demise off the show! I remember when Sally Spectra retired to an island. Maybe, if he’s not ill in real life, he can sign a 1-2 yr contract, retire & go look up his old friend? Hate to see him leave though. There could be a missed diagnosis, & blood clots in his lungs causing him to cough up blood. Treatable…. Always a fan💓

  2. We all love the character Eric on the show.
    I also think at his age he should retire, and enjoy his family and all
    the money he made working on a TV Show….

  3. I do find it hard to believe that Finn has not consulted with Eric’s doctor or suggested a second opinion. From the episodes I’ve watched (I don’t think I’ve missed any), Finn still doesn’t know what is wrong with Eric. How can this be? Even Ridge’s attempts to see doctors are half-hearted, since we’ve just seen one doctor who apparently is able to drop everything for a house call at a moment’s notice. McCook has had a good run. He should retire. But we’ll all have to see because there is no way the Bold and the Beautiful is going to confirm or deny anything.

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