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‘NCIS’ Fans Go To War Over Emily Fornell’s ‘Unnecessary’ Death

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NCIS has had some major deaths over the years. It makes the show more exciting because fans never know who could die. Even the primary stars were not safe. However, fans are not happy about one specific current death. This was Emily Fornell’s death, which occurred in Season 18.

It was so bad that fans are still talking about it a year later. Here is what fans are saying and why they felt her death was unnecessary.

NCIS fans still unhappy about Emily Fornell’s death

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Emily Fornell died in the ninth episode of NCIS Season 18, titled “Winter Chill.” Emily is the daughter of former FBI Special Agent Tobias Fornell. The former agent had already lost his ex-wife, Diane Sterling, to a sniper assassin. Now, in this episode, he also lost their daughter.

The death occurred when Emily relapsed and returned to her drug addiction. Emily overdosed before in Season 16 and ended up in the hospital. It was in the episode “Daughters” that she admitted she needed help in overcoming her addictions. In Season 18, Emily was coming along nicely and earned her sobriety chip for six months in “Sunburn.”

She saw her dad in “Head of the Snake” for the first time in months, and it seemed things were going well. However, four episodes later, she relapsed and died. She died after overdosing on opiates, and fans were not happy. It was especially tragic since it ruined her sobriety and redemption just to write her out of NCIS.

NCIS deaths that shook up viewers

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A Reddit thread started recently with fans asking what the most unnecessary death was on NCIS. According to the OP, it was Emily’s death. They wrote, “I get the story line about the drug dealer; Fornell & Gibbs hunting them down, but she could have lived and nothing in that story arc would have suffered.”

Another person responded by simply saying, “Emily. I mean, why?” Another suggested that they wanted to make Fornell into “Gibbs 2.0,” referring to all the deaths Gibbs experienced on the show.

One commenter had a great explanation about what made her death so unnecessary. “More disappointing then her dying was how it was written. I didn’t care for the drug kingpin story. It made no sense since NCIS has no jurisdiction there.”

In the thread, people responded with other NCIS deaths they felt were unnecessary. The biggest one that fans saw other than Emily was when Director Vance’s wife Jackie died. That happened when an assassin showed up to kill Ziva David’s dad, with Jackie caught in the line of fire.

Do you think Emily Fornell dying on NCIS was unnecessary? What deaths on the show affected you the most? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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