Is ‘NCIS’ Losing Another Star After Mark Harmon’s Shocking Exit?


You cannot blame NCIS fans for being a little jumpy. After losing two major characters in Season 18, Season 19 was a heartbreaker with Gibbs (Mark Harmon) leaving the team, and show. So, when news that one of the most popular of  the CBS show’s cast members has taken on a new project, fans have begun to brace for the worst.

What is the latest NCIS news?

Could Torres Soon Leave NCIS?

There has been some recent news that has concerned NCIS fans. Wilmer Valderrama has signed on with a new project, Mexican Beverly Hills. Could this mean that he could be leaving the CBS show and his role as Nick Torres? OG star Mark Harmon just exited the series, leaving fans Gibbs-less. Now those fans are panicking that Wilmer is next.

Right now it does not seem that Wilmer is leaving the CBS show anytime soon. However, the romance between Torres and Bishop is over, as Emily Wickersham shocked fans by leaving at the end of Season 18. Although on the series, Ellie Bishop left the team to work on some highly secretive undercover work, it appears the actress left the series to have a baby.

However, this has left Agent Nick Torres with a big old broken heart, and some dealing with unwanted change. Is this enough to leave the team?

NCIS Team,
NCIS Team,

Wilmer Valderrama Big Part Of NCIS

Since the departures of Ziva (Cote de Pablo), and Tony (Michael Weatherly), NCIS fans have taken time to warm up to new cast members. However, not with Wilmer Valderrama. His role as Nick Torres has made him a fan-favorite.

Now, everyone is wondering if this fan-favorite will finally open his heart and let love in? Things didn’t work for Nick and Bishop. How about Nick and Bishop’s replacement, Jessica Knight (Katrina Law)? However, if Wilmer leaves the show, this will become just one more romance that fizzled before it started. Like Gibbs and Jack (Maria Bello).

Is Wilmer Valderrama leaving the series? He has said nothing. But, based on the role he is playing in Mexican Beverly Hills, fans should feel some sense of relief that their favorite is not going anywhere soon.

Wilmer, NCIS-
Wilmer, NCIS-

What Is Mexican Beverly Hills About?

What is NCIS star Wilmer Valderrama’s new series, Mexican Beverly Hills about? According to Deadline, this is a single-camera project, based on an essay written by Erick Galindo in the New York Times. This is the story of a Mexican-American family. Although working class, they move to Downey, a “heavily Latinx” community that is also known as the “Mexican Beverly Hills.”

The family finds this move rather difficult. On one hand, they do fit in culturally, but they stand out in many other ways.

Valderrama, Galindo and Aaron Izek developed this series for CBS. In addition, Galindo and Izek are writing the story. However, all three will executive produce, along with Kaitlin Saltzman. This will be under Wilmer’s own production company, WV Entertainment.

Although many That 70s Show fans cherish Valderrama as the hysterical Fez, it does not seem that he will be acting in this movie. But, we know he knows comedy, and that bodes well for the future success of this new venture.

Are you still concerned that Wilmer Valderrama will leave NCIS?

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