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Jenelle Evans’ Leftover Thanksgiving Breakfast Gags Fans

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Jenelle Evans’ Thanksgiving meal situation has not been sitting well with fans at all. From her and her husband’s turkey prep to their leftovers, fans have churning stomachs. First off, they left their raw turkey in the sink while they prepped the rest of their meal. Followers felt that this was unsanitary and disgusting. Now, after seeing Jenelle’s leftover Thanksgiving breakfast, it is beyond gag-worthy. Read on for more details.

Jenelle Evans’ Leftover Thanksgiving Breakfast Leaves Fans Gagging

Undercooked chicken, and apple cores on the floor, this Teen Mom alum cannot win. Jenelle and her husband, David Eason have repeatedly been called out for the way they cook. However, it has reached new heights, according to The Sun. The mother of three shared her leftovers on her Instagram. Sitting on a plate, she entitled it “Round 2” and it was filled with a bevy of sides.

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This included turkey, cornbread, carrots, and a mixture of items surrounded by spices and pickled jalapenos. Immediately, fans could not believe what she had plated for herself. Like what she packed for her children’s lunches back in the summer, they disliked that it was all one color. Another chimed in with: “Oh no, she’s eating her Thanksgiving leftovers. Why does it look cold?” Someone else noted: “That is some dry turkey! Where’s the gravy?”

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Finally, one person asked where the pepper was. They wanted to see some spice as it appeared lackluster and bland. “What I care about is how utterly unappetizing this all looks.  Like nothing is seasoned, those carrots look boiled, that turkey is dry as hell, and just nothing looks like it has any flavor or was prepared/cooked properly. Everything looks bland and gross.”

Health Issues & More

For some time now, Jenelle Evans has been combatting health problems. Moreover, she has been desperately searching for answers. In fact, David recently asked for prayers for his wife. Additionally, she just revealed that she is using a new inhaler which had confused her. More so, she shared that she has suffered from esophageal spasms for around a decade now. Yet, she still felt the need to drink a beer while on a Prednisone pack. Additionally, she gets scrutiny for the way she raises her children and how she gifts them dangerous presents. It seems that Jenelle will always come under fire for something.

What did you think of Jenelle’s leftover breakfast? Let us know in the comments.

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