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Jenelle Evans Catches Heat For Raw Chicken Snafu

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Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans was called out by fans for serving undercooked chicken to her kids. The mother of three shared a Tiktok video of her cooking food for the family. What did fans have to say about Jenelle’s cooking? Keep reading to find out the details!

Jenelle Evans Serves Red, Undercooked Chicken To Her Kids

The MTV star shared with fans her recipe for baked chicken wings but was slammed by fans for serving raw chicken. On Friday, she took to Tiktok to film a video with her husband David Eason as they prepared a meal for the family. The couple whipped up chicken wings and cooked them in the oven to get them a deliciously crispy texture.

Jenelle Evans YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Aside from chicken wings, the 30-year-old also had carrots on the side with collard greens. After the meal was done cooking, she plated the food and filmed her kids’ reactions as they ate. In the shot, the content of Ensley’s plate was clearly visible and fans couldn’t help but notice how raw the chicken was. As per The Sun, the partially eaten chicken wing appeared to have bits of red showing through.

Jenelle Evans David Eason TikTok

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Enraged at the undercooked food being served to the kids, fans flocked to Reddit to share their reactions. One questioned, “Does anyone else see that bloody chicken on Ensley’s plate??”

Another added, “But nobody else peeped how uncooked that chicken on her plate looks?”

“That chicken is bloody,” noted a third user.

Jenelle Evans TikTok

[Source: YouTube]

“Red chicken?! Yikes!” commented a fourth critic.

Jenelle Evans’ Husband David Makes Sausage On A Barbecue

Earlier in June, the Teen Mom couple was slammed for weird cooking methodology. In a two-minute video, David filmed himself making sausage on the barbecue. However, fans took issue with his cooking technique and voiced their opinions in the comment section.

Jenelle Evans David Eason TikTok

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In the video, David started talking about what he was cooking and said, “What the h**l is that? You might ask. Well, that right there is some delicious sausage on a stick.”

As he flipped the meat to let it cook evenly, he continued talking. He said, “Why do we have sausage on a stick? Because we ran out of the frozen kind.”

“Baby girl said she wanted a hoshdog,” the 34-year-old continued.

Jenelle Evans YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

The former reality star then went on to explain to his followers how he makes these hoshdogs, their own twist to the classic hotdogs. After frying them, he poured some maple syrup and dipped it in pancake batter. Later on, he threw them into a skillet and added some butter. The video then showed him and Jenelle eating the dish that they seemed to enjoy.

Fans Slam The Teen Mom Couple For Lack Of Cooking Skills

However, fans didn’t seem to enjoy the looks of the dish. One Reddit fan wrote, “WTF? Just no.”

“And I’m officially going back to not eating meat, due to this video,” added another.

Jenelle Evans David Eason YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

A third claimed, “They have no f**king idea how to cook.”

Do you think Janelle and her husband David should join cooking classes? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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