Jenelle Evans & Hubby Turns Fans’ Stomachs With Holiday Prep

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Jenelle Evans has made fans’ stomachs turn with the way she prepped her holiday meal. Along with her husband, David Eason, they showed how they were getting ready for Thanksgiving. The process was documented via the Teen Mom alum’s Instagram. However, it was the main course that had followers jumping out of their skin. Read on for more details.

Jenelle Evans & Hubby Turn Stomachs With Holiday Prep

Meal prep is not Jenelle’s strong suit. At the end of summer, she was called out for not packing healthy lunches for her two youngest children, Kaiser and Ensley. This is in spite of the fact that Kaiser was begging for veggies and his mother just packed a small container of peas. There was also a raw chicken snafu. Along with her husband, the duo whipped up some chicken wings. However, the chicken she had served her kids was undercooked which was caught in a video.

Jenelle Evans/Facebook

Now, the couple was preparing their Thanksgiving turkey, according to The Sun. Jenelle shared the process on social media but the way that they were doing it was completely unsanitary. They had their raw turkey, exposed and sitting in the sink, as they drank and chopped veggies. Followers had mixed feelings about just leaving the turkey out and being exposed to the elements. One follower commented: “Lovely… Turkey in the sink and beard hair on the Turkey.”

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Another went on to add: “He probably washed it with soap too.” This was followed by: “They need to wash the sink before washing the dishes.” Of course, some people did add that this is exactly how they prepare their turkey: “Uhhh…that’s how you prep a turkey before you cook it. I’d rather have it in the sink than on my kitchen counter.” That’s completely fair but, aside from uncooked chicken, Jenelle and David have a history of a dirty home.

Unsafe & Unsanitary

While on one of her lives, Jenelle Evans found a random half-eaten apple core on the floor of her home. David immediately thought it was hers but it was actually left behind by one of their children. Fans were shocked at the fact that this is a common occurrence at their home. Furthermore, fans have also bashed Jenelle for buying extremely dangerous gifts for her children. For her son Jace’s 13th birthday this year, she got him a dirt bike.

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Just the other day, she purchased a mini motorcycle for Ensley who is five. That is not all that is going on in their home. Jenelle has been on a quest to find out what is wrong with her health for a long time now. She suffers from esophageal spasms and now requires an inhaler but it seems that there is a lot more to it. Yet, fans were shocked to see her cracking open a beer in the tub right before she shared she was on Prednisone.

Do you think Jenelle and David’s turkey methods were stomach-churning? Or do you think people are just so over them that anything they do will cause a stir? Let us know in the comments below.

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