Fans Shocked By What Audrey Roloff Allowed Ember To Do

Audrey Roloff & Ember [Audrey Roloff | Instagram]

Fans are shocked by what Audrey Roloff allowed Ember to do. She allowed her five-year-old daughter to play with her makeup. It’s normal for most little girls to want to wear the same makeup that their moms wear. However, some fans think Audrey took it way too far.

The 31-year-old took to Instagram to share a selfie of herself with Ember. While some fans called the photo adorable, others slammed her parenting abilities. Most of them claimed that they wouldn’t allow their kids to wear makeup. Keep on reading to learn more about the backlash and to see the photo for yourself.

Audrey Roloff With Ember & Bode [Audrey Roloff | Instagram]
[Audrey Roloff | Instagram]

Audrey Roloff shares adorable photo with Ember

On Wednesday, November 23, Audrey Roloff took to her Instagram Stories to share a photo of herself with Ember. She had a big smile on her face as she posed next to her daughter. Ember wore bright red lipstick. She smiled at the camera as she looked pleased with her new look.

In the snapshot, Audrey Roloff also wore the same red lipstick. She paired her look with a beige-brimmed hat and a black T-shirt. Meanwhile, Ember wore a light-colored furry jacket. She also snapped a photo with her father Jeremy. Both of them puckered their lips toward the camera. Ember still had on the lipstick.

“Nutcracker lipstick #roundtwo,” Audrey Roloff captioned one of the posts.

Audrey Roloff & Ember [Audrey Roloff | Instagram Stories]
[Audrey Roloff | Instagram Stories]
She informed her fans that they were already in the Christmas spirit even though it wasn’t even Thanksgiving yet. Ember wore red lipstick as part of her costume for her recital in The Nutcracker. Sometimes little girls will wear a little makeup during recitals. It’s common in the dance world.

Audrey Roloff attended her daughter’s big performance with her husband Jeremy. She filmed every aspect of the event as a proud mom would. The TLC star was happy with her daughter’s look for the show. However, some fans think it was “inappropriate” for the little one to wear.

LPBW fans slam Audrey’s parenting

One fan took to the Little People Big World Reddit to share the photos from Audrey Roloff’s Instagram Stories. Most of them agreed that Ember was too young to wear makeup. However, other fans defended Audrey and didn’t see the big deal with it.

  • “Ember is SO young but no need for makeup! She’s too young.”
  • “Isn’t she like 5? This is so inappropriate.”
  • “Meh. Let them have their fun. Why do you care so much?”

Audrey and Jeremy share three children — Ember, Bode, two, and Radley, 12 months. Some fans think she does too much with sharing her kids’ personal moments. Earlier this month, they slammed her again for sharing Radley’s birth photos. They argued that it was too graphic.

What are your thoughts? Are you shocked by what Audrey Roloff allowed Ember to do? Or, do you think it’s normal for girls in dance class to wear makeup? Sound off below in the comment section.

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