Audrey Roloff Goes All Out, Buys Jeremy $50K Toy

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Audrey Roloff recently revealed a $50K-$60K toy she purchased for her husband Jeremy on Instagram. According to eagle-eyed LPBW fans, his new toy appeared to be a Kabota L6060 tractor. The same fan included a link to a dealer for this particular piece of farming equipment and pointed out that a new one retailed for approximately $58K.

LPBW fans have all sorts of thoughts on Audrey Roloff’s purchase

For starters, many fans pointed out that they only own about 5-acres. So, fans wonder why they thought purchasing such an excessive piece of farming equipment was necessary. Likewise, some fans pointed out that Tori recently bought something similar for Zach. So, fans believe Audrey HAD to buy one for Jeremy just because Zach had one.

Some fans jokingly pointed out that this farming equipment is the real reason why Jeremy puts up with Audrey. Fans are largely in agreement that Jeremy never seems happy in the photos or videos with his wife. In many of her Instagram Stories, Jeremy looks like he’s struggling to put up with her via his facial expressions. Fans speculate he sticks around because she makes bank and buys him things to keep him happy.

Audrey Roloff, Instagram, LPBW

A few fans also speculated it was unlikely the couple would have purchased a brand new piece of farming equipment. Most agreed it was far more likely that Audrey purchased a used one to save some money.

One fan penned: “Jeremy ain’t going no where – so matter how miserable- he will sit through his 52/52 dates & journal weekly, “hand type” love notes to his wife on her birthday & anniversaries etc etc & fake smile through it all… to get gifts like this!!”

“Does 4 acres constitute this kind of purchase? Is buying the whole d*mn tractor cheaper than renting as needed?” Another fan chimed in.

Some fans agreed that the picture made far more sense if it was a rental. Fans, however, believed there was no way Jeremy and Audrey would be fine with just renting one knowing that Tori and Zach owned one.

How do they afford this kind of purchase?

Many LPBW fans admit they were having a hard time wrapping their minds around how Audrey and Jeremy could possibly afford something like this. Fans noted that Audrey makes a ton of money using her LPBW following with her MLM. And, she’s never been one to turn down a social media partnership if it meant an easy paycheck.

Audrey Roloff - Instagram
Audrey Roloff – Instagram

What do you think of Audrey and Jeremy Roloff’s new purchase? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on LPBW.

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