Audrey Roloff Shares Bizarre, Gross, & Unwanted Placenta Brag

Audrey Roloff Instagram

Little People, Big World alum Audrey Roloff shared a bizarre, gross, and unwanted placenta brag with her social media followers this week. She went a little too far, some fans think. What details did she share, and what are fans saying about this? Keep reading for all of the details.

Note: This article contains a graphic photo of Audrey’s placenta. 

On Tuesday, Nov. 8, Audrey’s third child, Radley Knight, celebrated his first birthday. In honor of his birthday, Audrey went on a walk down memory lane, sharing photos and videos from his first year of life.

Below, you can see a sweet photo from Radley’s birth.

Audrey Roloff Instagram

Audrey Roloff Shares Bizarre, Gross, & Unwanted Placenta Brag

On her Instagram Stories, Audrey did share a couple of snaps from Radley’s water birth. She reminded fans that he was born en caul, which means her water never broke and he was still in the amniotic sac. She originally shared this information shortly after his birth but felt that his first birthday was a good time to revisit it.

After sharing the birth photos, she also posted a picture of her placenta as she, Jeremy, and a midwife checked it out. She called it a Ningxia placenta, referring to the Young Living beverage she and her family drink. She gave credit to this blend of juices and essential oils for improving her placenta.

You can see the placenta photo Audrey Roloff bragged about below.

Audrey Roloff Instagram

LPBW Fans React

On Reddit, fans are discussing Audrey Roloff’s placenta photo, and many of them find it bizarre. They think there are some things she should keep to herself, including pictures of her kids’ births. Others feel that giving people a look into her children’s births isn’t a problem, but sharing graphic placenta photos is.

Someone said, “I cannot fathom bragging about my children’s placentas on social media.” Another Reddit user said they have attended many births and that Audrey’s placenta isn’t any different from the others they have seen.

A few LPBW fans mentioned how odd it is that Audrey ingested essential oils while pregnant and that she claims that Ningxia actually had a positive impact on her placenta.

So, what do you think of Audrey Roloff sharing a bizarre, gross, and unwanted placenta brag with her followers? Do you think she crossed a line? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Acfor more Roloff family news. Though Audrey and Jeremy left Little People, Big World, new episodes, featuring other family members, air on Tuesdays on TLC.

You can watch Audrey Roloff’s birthday Reel for Radley below.

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