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Hallmark’s Trevor Donovan Weighs In On GAF Network Debacle

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Actor Trevor Donovan has gained a wider audience this year. He’s largely known for his roles on 90210 and the Hallmark Channel. After his run on Dancing With The Stars, many more people are familiar with his name.

Trevor Donovan is going to make more film appearances on the Great American Family network in the new year. Right now, GAF is getting a lot of negative press over Candace Cameron Bure‘s “traditional marriage content” comments.

So what did the actor have to say about the entire situation? Read on to get the inside scoop.

Trevor Donovan doesn’t believe in exclusively “traditional family” content

The Candace Cameron Bure debacle gained more attention after JoJo Siwa weighed in. The 19-year-old called Bure’s comments “rude and hurtful” to the LGBTQIA+ community. Now that Trevor Donovan is making more appearances on the Great American Family network, he felt it necessary to weigh in on the issue.

“I feel people should be and believe what they want, as long as they are kind and accepting of others. For those of you who have followed me since 90210, you know my heart and character. No matter who you love, no matter what your race or religion is, you matter,” Trevor told Variety in a recent interview.

Trevor Donovan and Emma Slater from Instagram
Trevor Donovan & Emma Slater/Instagram

He went on to say that he’s known Candace Cameron Bure for a while and always found her to be “kind and passionate.” In the actor’s eyes, everyone can coexist, regardless of their beliefs. It just takes hard work and mutual respect.

“My move to Great American Family was largely due to [CEO] Bill [Abbott]’s support for my Team Upstanders program while we were both at Hallmark,” the actor continued. “Additionally, I was given the opportunity to produce my own films. It has always been my goal to create films that bring people together without being overtly political or religious, and I will continue to do so. And sometimes, in future rom-coms, I’ll play the naive country boy who finds love in the big city or saves his family’s farm. Stay tuned!”

The actor would like to revisit dance in upcoming movies

Many DWTS viewers weren’t quite sure how far Trevor Donovan would go when he joined the competition. He even confessed that he was completely terrified of dancing in public when he started the show.

“Dancing was pretty much my biggest fear. Though I still have some anxiety when it comes to dancing, my confidence has grown,” the 44-year-old actor told Variety. “[I learned] that it’s okay to be afraid, but don’t let fear deter you from trying new things — like dancing. I also learned I’m a pretty good dancer.”

Trevor Donovan and Emma Slater from Instagram
Trevor Donovan & Emma Slater/Instagram

He and his partner Emma Slater made it to the semifinals before their elimination. The pair didn’t have the best scores in the competition, but audiences really appreciated their dynamic chemistry. Rumors continue to circle that Trevor and Emma are secretly an item.

Stay tuned for more news on Trevor Donovan and other Hallmark news. TV Shows Ace will be here to keep you updated and informed.

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  1. LOL there is no #hallmark because he is NO LONGER WITH THAT NETWORK. There is also not network DEBACLE at GAC have you checked their ratings on of course you have not.If you did you would find in overall cable tv ratings GAC is number 59 and are up 19% from the previous week. The 19% increase would be the week that the liberal media attacked GAC and Candace.

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