‘BIP’ Logan Palmer Reveals True Feelings About Kate Gallivan

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Logan Palmer came out ahead after the reunion where he confronted Kate Gallivan about the things she was saying behind his back. He went on dates with several girls during his time on Bachelor in Paradise.  However, Kate was the one he landed on and really wanted to make it work with.

Kate went up against Shanae Ankney for Logan despite having an initial connection with Jacob Rapini. She seemed to be all in until she started talking about their age difference and his lack of money. Furthermore, she alluded to him not being able to afford her lifestyle and told the same thing to everyone.

Logan Palmer Isn’t Holding A Grudge

Logan Palmer isn’t holding a grudge. While he said she isn’t a bad person, she said some hurtful things and he reacted to it. There are many people who are on Logan’s side and don’t think she treated him fairly at all. Logan said he doesn’t think people having bad moments makes them bad people.

Logan Palmer, Instagram
Logan Palmer, Instagram

He also told People that the beach can bring out the best in some people and the worst in others. He’s had a good attitude about the whole scenario even joking about it on his social media. After establishing a connection with Logan, Kate went on a date with Hayden Markowitz. She expected him to read her mind and ask her not to go. He didn’t want to be a hypocrite and told her to go and have the whole experience. She did and despite not having a great time and, “carrying the date on her back,” she still thought he might be a better choice than Logan.

She Didn’t Feel Like He Was Fighting For Her

Kate then complained that Logan wasn’t trying and then during the rose ceremony she chose him but told him to step it up. This hurt Logan because he thought they’d made some headway. He entertained the idea of going on a date with one of the new arrivals but decided to stick with Kate. She then continued to talk about him behind his back and lead him on until she decided she didn’t like him that much.

Logan Palmer, Instagram
Logan Palmer, Instagram

She said no when he tried to give her his rose in the finale. He said at the moment he couldn’t believe it. Now he thinks maybe their communication styles were too different. For her part, Kate said she wasn’t trying to be critical and was just communicating her needs.

Do you think Kate wasn’t trying to be critical or did she just want to do damage control after the hate she has received since the show? More so, do you hope Logan finds something real? Comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Kate is a gold digger, there will be no pleasing her no matter how much money they have. Beware guys she will marry you for money.

  2. I think Kate was looking for anyone she could tolerate to glom onto for fame. We all know she works for the Oppenheim group so maybe her motive is that she will make it as part of the cast on selling sunset. It’s all fake.. fame and money is what motivates fairly average Kate.

  3. She doesn’t deserve him. He’ll find his partner, and she’ll love him honestly. I think he’s a pretty special guy. I wouldn’t mind having him as my grandson. Love, Nanna

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