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‘BIP’ Jacob Rapini Regrets Leaving Jill Chin

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It was a rough week in paradise for Jill Chin. However, her past love interest Jacob Rapini isn’t really having a great time of it either. Learn more about why he is regretting ending things with Jill.

What happened to Jill?

Sadly, this was Jill Chin’s last week on Bachelor in Paradise. It seemed she was really hitting things off with Jacob Rapini, however, he clearly wasn’t feeling the same. When the genders got separated Love Island Casa Amor style, Jill stayed loyal to Jacob. However, he couldn’t stay the same.

When they were reunited, Jacob learned his feelings for Jill weren’t there anymore. Because of this, Jill ultimately decided to send herself home. While it was sad at the time, she has since taken to Instagram to explain how well she is doing and how much she learned.

However, it sounds like Jacob may have had some second thoughts on how he handled things.

Jacob Rapini, Bachelor in paradise | Youtube
Jacob Rapini, Bachelor in Paradise | Youtube

Jacob Rapini talks about his decision

According to Us Weekly, Jacob is now realizing that maybe he should’ve given his relationship with Jill some more time. If he had, she wouldn’t have sent herself home so early.

“Obviously, at that point, Kate and I were no longer, and I was perfectly fine with that. I wish I had tried to pursue us as just a couple. Getting engaged at the end, probably not, but us as an actual relationship where we could be, you know, just talking and having fun with each other like we were before. I kind of do wish that [we] continued things,” he explains.

Instead, he told her he didn’t think they were meant to be. Of course, Jill has had a time of it since coming into Paradise. She started off her time on the show involved in a love triangle with Romeo which she quickly exited.

Then, she stayed single for a while before getting to know Jacob. However, in the end, it seems maybe there wasn’t someone for Jill coming into Paradise this season.

In the end, Jacob gave his rose to Lace. It seems he’s not sure he would do that again.

Jacob Rapini, Bachelor in paradise | Youtube
Bachelor in paradise | Youtube

“If I look back on it and say, ‘Who would I have given my rose to this time?’ Would I have given it to Lace again? I don’t know. I don’t think so. But again, nothing against Lace. She’s an amazing person.”

Do you think Jacob Rapini and Jill Chin would’ve been a cute couple on Bachelor in Paradise? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more on your favorite Bachelor Nation stars.

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