Joy Forsyth Shares Thoughts On Jinger Vuolo’s Controversial Book

Joy Forsyth - YouTube & Jinger Vuolo - Instagram

Former Counting On star Joy Forsyth shared her thoughts on her sister Jinger Vuolo’s controversial book. During a recent Q&A session, the 25-year-old answered fans’ questions about her relationships with her siblings and more. Keep reading to find out how she feels about Jinger’s upcoming book release.

Jinger Vuolo announces her controversial book.

In case you missed the news, you should know that Jinger recently announced that she has written a new book. The memoir is titled Becoming Free Indeed and is set to release in January 2023. She said it’s one of the most challenging things she’s done, but she knows how important it is to share her journey. The book tells Jinger’s story as she reconstructed her religious beliefs. Like all of the Duggar kids, she was raised in the IBLP (Institute of Basic Life Principles).

Jinger has now left the IBLP but is still a Christian. In response to her announcement, she received a lot of support from fans. But naturally, everyone wants to know what her siblings and parents think of the upcoming book release.

Joy Forsyth - YouTube - Jinger Vuolo - Instagram

Very few Duggar family members showed support for Jinger in response to her book announcement. Plus, a source said that her parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are preparing for the memoir to come out.

Now, Joy is sharing her thoughts.

Joy Forsyth reveals how she feels about the book.

On Instagram this week, Joy Forsyth had a little Q&A session and answered a variety of questions from fans. During the Q&A session, one fan asked Joy if she is planning to read Jinger’s book. In response, Joy dropped a throwback selfie of herself and Jinger and wrote, “Yes! I’m excited to read it!”

You can see the post below.

Joy Forsyth - Instagram

Joy Forsyth didn’t elaborate any further, however. She did “like” Jinger’s Instagram post about the book when she announced it a few weeks ago. She was one of the very few Duggars who acknowledged the announcement or showed their support.

It’s possible that Joy will share more about Jinger’s book after she reads it. Fans are curious about the book and are also wondering what it might reveal about the Duggar family and their beliefs.

So, does it surprise you to see Joy Forsyth’s thoughts on her sister Jinger Vuolo’s controversial book? Will you be checking out Jinger’s book? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar family updates. You can watch the video Jinger shared about her book below.

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