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‘Sister Wives’ Photo Of Kody & Wives Give ‘Freaky’ Vibes

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Sister Wives premiered on TLC in 2010 introducing the Brown family with a unique polygamist arrangement. While the family has done a lot of weird and unusual things through the years, a fan recently shared a weird picture of Kody with his wives that gave a freaky vibe. What was this visually haunting picture about? Keep reading to find out the details!

Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Jokes About Sharing

In the first season of the TLC series, fans see the Brown family preparing to welcome Robyn Brown as the fourth wife in their polygamist arrangement. As they discuss the wedding arrangements with the party planner, they talk about how much they share with one another.

Meri Brown Sister Wives YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

“Can you two share?” the party planner asks, handing two of the four wives a copy of the venue’s information.

“Oh, we’re used to sharing, “replies Christine as Meri jokes, “Yeah, you have no idea how much we share.”

Even if they share Kody and a big family with several children, they confirmed that they don’t go weird.

Sister Wives Fan Pose With Matching Pair Of Red Socks

Discussing the Polygamist family’s claim of keeping away from the weird, a fan took to Reddit and shared a picture of the four wives sitting on the floor in a semicircle alongside Kody. They all had their toes touching with matching pairs of red socks as they giggled looking down.

Sister Wives Reddit

[Source: Reddit]

Mocking the funny theme, another Sister Wives fan wrote, “We don’t go weird… yea..ok”

“Socks should be multiplied, not divided,” quipped a third fan.

Parodying Christine’s dialogue from the Sister Wives introduction clip, a fourth fan wrote, “I didn’t do it for the man, I did it for the socks.”

Janelle Brown Christine Brown Robyn Brown Meri Brown Sister Wives YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Pointing out how these socks represent each of Kody’s wives, a fifth fan added, “Kody loses socks because he doesn’t take care of them.”

Kody Brown Doesn’t Take Care Of His Wives

There is a harsh truth in what the fan noted above. For multiple seasons, fans have noted that the Brown family patriarch doesn’t make enough effort to comfort his wives when they need him the most. Of course, this isn’t applicable to his favorite wife, Robyn. He has been often attacked for his lack of maturity, especially after he was seen shouting at Christine after she revealed her decision to leave the plural marriage.

Janelle Brown Christine Brown Robyn Brown Meri Brown Sister Wives YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Another example of Kody’s absence of emotional depth was during a tell-all, Janelle got angry and dropped the F-bomb. The mother of six got up and decided she wanted a few minutes away from the camera. The host immediately suggested that Kody should go after and soothe her. However, the patriarch in a snobbish tone, yells, “No.”

So, it isn’t a surprise, Kody lost one of his socks (Christine) and is on the brink of losing another soon!

Christine Brown TLC Sister Wives YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

What do you think of this weird picture shared by Sister Wives fan? Do you think Kody doesn’t care for his wives except for Robyn? Share your thoughts in the comments and do not forget to watch Sister Wives on TLC every Sunday!

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  1. Kodys’ growl, “I’m leaving in 5 minutes!” at the goodbye showed what a jerk he is. There was no social distancing when the kids greeted Mykelti and Tony. But total no contact at the goodbye. It was obvious that Ariel wanted to hug Truley. But he was the only one who was able to. Oops, social distance doesn’t apply to him! What a jerk!

  2. awful narcsistic man, if it’s possible to call him a”man”person.I hope kody and robin go bankrupt. see.s to me Robin has been Robin the other wives of there husband and hard working money of jenelle

  3. I saw all this coming from the beginning when Robyn was introduced into the family as the new wife. Kody loves Robyn only. The other wives are disposable and it shows. I feel sorry for all the kids. The older ones can see what we all see. Which is sad!!! Now for Kody it’s all about money.

    1. I am glad somebody else said that about Kody and money. He thought Meri’s “catfish” was going to come after their money. He’s scared Christine will remarry and he will want some of their money. Robyn was the shiny new toy. She’s not so shiny and new anymore. Everybody hide your daughters, Kody will be on the prowl again to fill his stable back up with shiny new toys and bring more children into the world.

  4. it’s so obvious that Kody favors Robyn when during last show, when
    Christine was telling them all that she is moving, and Kody made it about Christine “treating” Robyn like dirt. He doesn’t deserve any of his wives, him and Robyn deserve each other. I hope Janelle and Meri get while the getting is good. They need to be smart like Christine!!!!!

    1. He blamed Meri of doing the same thing to Robyn when they were having a “family meeting” about who was going to get what lot.

      1. yes but Meri supports Robyn to. She is living in a dream land. She thinks that by supporting Cody that he will care about her again. No chance in hell. He even told her that. She doesn’t get it. Janelle is a very smart business woman and bred winner. Cody knows that and uses her. But I think that Janelle is starting to see Cody for who he really is. A gold digger that uses his wives to make .money for him. Discusting piece of dirt. I can’t stand seeing Robyn cry anymore. She makes me sick. How as a woman can she expect Christine to stay in a loveless marriage with no intamacy at all. That’s what tells me that she is a phony person. I can bet you a million that she works never stay in a marriage like that if it was her.

  5. Kody is what every mom doesn’t want for a son in law. Robyn is nothing put a joke. She needs a nanny for her kids why? She can only spend so much time on her back! I think it’s because she can’t help the kids with home schooling!Kody is not a man at all making babies doesn’t make you a man at all! He really thinks he all that & a bag of chips! Robyn will always kiss his butt so will Merri who Kody treats like a dog! Get a back bone and walk away Kody wants nothing to do with you! Smell the coffee woman!

    1. I think Meri is terrified after the catfish thing. She would be gone right now if that was a real guy. Now she’s afraid something like that will happen again so she stays in a loveless sexless marriage for the family of it. She doesn’t want to be alone.

  6. What’s to say? Kody is starting to look like Charlie Manson. COVID has driven him to insanity. I swear if Christine doesn’t leave soon, I am going to stop watching the show until I’m sure she’s gone. And please spare me her return for an update. She wanted to go and all she has to do is go. They don’t need any divorce proceeding or child custody. Think Kody wouldn’t pull that nasty hair of his out then let Christine ask for monthly support. Who wouldn’t want to be a fly on the wall when he and Robyn discuss that. I think Meri was really already gone and if Janelle has a brain in her head she would leave, too. Lucky for Kody most of the kids are grown but if some decided they wanted to go to college, heaven help him

  7. Kody is sexy and you know it but what the hell does he see in Robin with her square face. Christine is the catch their she won’t be on her own for long. Merry should wake up and get herself a nice companion. And we’ll jenell what can i say she kneeds to forget about Kody he not good enough for her trying to put himself before her children.

    1. I don’t think Cody is sexy at all. I find him annoying, childlike and just plain aggravating most of the time. I find myself yelling at the TV and telling him to shut up. I don’t like him at all. He thinks he is Mr. Know it all and doesn’t give his wives enough credit. They are the brains behind the money making in the family. Not him.

      1. I agree. Kody is Narcissist and he’s not good looking at all. I don’t like Robyn. The wives all need to leave the abuse from that idiot.

  8. Once Robyn came into the picture this whole thing fell apart. I think because Kody and Robyn are in love, they don’t want to share. I don’t believe Kody has experienced that kind of relationship with any of his other wives, because if he had, he wouldn’t have needed more wives.

  9. I’m sorry but Val, really sexy??? Are you serious? I don’t see a thing about this person as being “sexy”.
    He’s a moral failure to his “wives”, his children, everything he touches he mistreats. He’s a poor excuse for a husband and father.
    Robin, get some help for your son, er…both of your sons and your sad-mad faced daughters and for goodness sake please get help for that pitiful pacifier suckìng, strange little human you call Ari. Meri, Janelle, just leave behind Christine…HE DOES NOT LÒVE YOU .

    1. I totally agree. Not sexy at all. Infact he kind of grosses me out. I find him despicable. I think in a few years Robyn will probably meet the real Cody. Then she will see and feel what Christine Meri and Janele are going through. Even though Janele and Meri have not yet admitted it. I don’t understand how Robyn can ask Christine to try and work things out with Cody and how she says that Christine has never communicated with him. They went on a date once with Christine and he told her that he didn’t love her anymore. How much clearer than that can you be. Would Robyn stay in marriage like that? I very much doubt it. It’s nit her life that’s being passed by. How dare she ask someone to stay trapped in a marriage like that just to satisfy her and Cody. She should be ashamed.

  10. Kody seems to not want plural marriage, just wants women and children who are submissive and compliant. Not that he likes Robyn more, she’s just willing to be controlled, a lemming, and it feeds his ego.And it’s his ego that he loves.

  11. well as far as I’m concerned I’m glad Christine’s going I got tired of all the whining and trying to convince herself that she’s going to be fine on her own when she’s not she’s a soft woman. and a jealous one also. as far as Janelle she should be leaving soon cuz she was a buddy of Christine. maybe they can move in together. the show’s getting boring. it’s getting as bad as Little people Big world.

  12. I don’t think Cody is sexy at all. I find him annoying, childlike and just plain aggravating most of the time. I find myself yelling at the TV and telling him to shut up. I don’t like him at all. He thinks he is Mr. Know it all and doesn’t give his wives enough credit. They are the brains behind the money making in the family. Not him.

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