Blake Horstmann, Giannina Gibelli Make Huge Move

Giannina Gibelli & Blake Horstmann

Fans of Love is Blind first met Giannina Gibelli on the Netflix show looking to fall in love without seeing the person on the other side. They first met Blake Horstmann as the runner-up on Becca Kufrin’s season then again on Bachelor in Paradise. After both had disastrous results with their shows, they had a lot in common.

That’s why, when they found themselves on All-Star Shore together, they weren’t looking for love. Blake said to the cameras he was just coming to win the game, that was it, but he couldn’t deny the pull to Giannini. Both of them said during the show fellow contestants were telling them to get a room. Fans can see their relationship grow while they competed on the show. They said producers told them to get away from each other because it was a mission show, not a love show.

Now Giannina Gibelli & Blake Have Taken The Next Big Step

The couple has made a huge move together becoming roommates. They shared adorable pictures together on Instagram and got lots of love from fans and their reality star families. Giannina Gibelli captioned the grouping of photos, “honey I’m homeeeee (officially)” Blake commented, “She a Colorado girl now.” Kelsey Weier said, “I’m so happy for you guys.” One follower said, “This is what you deserved the whole time. A man who’s obsessed with you and loves you deeply.”

Blake Horstmann and Giannina, Instagram
Blake Horstmann and Giannina, Instagram

The photos which look like a professional photo shoot feature a cute bubble bath selfie, Blake feeding Giannina strawberries in the kitchen, and embracing in the yard. There is also a photo showing Blake asking her to move in by writing in the snow.

Fans Think They’ll Be Engaged Soon

Giannina Gibelli hasn’t been shy about wanting to marry Blake. She was ready to commit on Love is Blind, and she’s more than ready now. As we reported she said Blake always makes sure she’s happy. He checks in with her and that means a lot. In an interview with Dear Shandy, they had just gotten back from a trip. Giannina revealed they went to Europe for her birthday. Blake said they have the same humor and spend a lot of time laughing.

Blake Horstmann and Giannina, Instagram
Blake Horstmann and Giannina, Instagram

She said she hadn’t seen much of the Bachelor franchise, and he never watched Love Is Blind. The host said they actually had a meet cute, which she loved. Blake said he was drawn to her confidence and she said he was very charming. He said he was very lucky because not every woman could date a traveling DJ who was gone most weekends. They complement each other well.

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