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‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Jessenia Dishes Love Triangle Details

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Jessenia Cruz had a good run on Bachelor in Paradise before self-eliminating this week. However, now the Bachelor Nation star is opening up on what really went down between herself, Andrew and Ency.

Jessenia’s Bachelor in Paradise love triangle

Jessenia Cruz, who was originally on Season 25 of The Bachelor, had a very emotional moment this week when she decided to send herself home – something several Bachelor Nation members have been doing this season. Of course, her time on the show didn’t go without some drama. One major pain point for her? Andrew and Ency going on a date after her arrival.

Jessenia and Andrew had been connecting very well when Ency showed up, so needless to say, it was a shock for Jessenia when he decided to go on a date with Ency. According to BachelorNation.comshe opened up about it recently.

“Andrew and I were connecting and he was always very expressive, saying he felt good about where we were going. I always felt secure in it. So when Ency arrived so close to the end of ‘Paradise’ and he decided to go on the date, that definitely was a surprise to me,” she reveals.

Of course, this makes total sense. This late in the show, the connections that have been made are generally pretty stable. It’s not often that latecomers end up finding someone quickly. Not to mention, Andrew then totally ditched Jessenia for his new flame.

Bachelor in Paradise | Youtube
Bachelor in Paradise | Youtube

Trying to talk it through

As anyone would, Jessenia had to talk to Andrew about his decision and find out where his head was at. The only time she could do that? The Sadie Hawkins Dance. Which, of course, caused even more drama.

“I pulled him for the conversation, but in no way was it me trying to slight Ency. I didn’t know her and I didn’t have any problems with her. She came on the beach and wanted to find love and she had the right to do that,” Jessenia shares.

However, drama really wasn’t what she was looking for that night she clarifies. Apparently, she wasn’t even trying to get Andrew back at all by talking with him. Instead, she just needed to have a conversation with him. However, Ency continued to interrupt them, making it last longer than Jessenia ever wanted it to. She even says that she just ‘wanted to leave.’

“I wasn’t trying to get Andrew back,” she starts. “We just needed to talk and be serious. That conversation was intended to be so much shorter than it was, which is why it got to a point where we were talking in circles. Every time Ency would interrupt us, I would be frazzled because I was just trying to get it over with. I wanted to leave.”

Unfortunately for Jessenia, it seems love wasn’t in the cards for her this season. This was actually her second time on Bachelor in Paradise. Maybe three times is the lucky charm? Fans will have to wait and see if she ever makes another appearance, or if this was the final straw for her.

Do you think Jessenia and Andrew were meant to be? Should she have stayed on Bachelor in Paradise? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Come back for more on all of your favorite Bachelor Nation stars.

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