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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Give Robyn Brown New Name

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Sister Wives star Robyn Brown has been criticized by fans for her tendency to shed fake tears on the show earning her the epic Sobyn Robyn nickname. Although the series had several instances that called for an emotional moment, Robyn has been seen taking it to the extremes. She has been seen using her tears as a force for manipulation. However, fans now have a new name for the reality star. What is this new nickname? Keep reading to find out the details!

Is Robyn Brown Becoming The New Kody?

In the latest season, Robyn Brown has been seen putting up a frowning face every now and then. Throughout the 17 seasons of Sister Wives, the 44-year-old has had tear-worthy moments being taken to the next level. However, now, it seems like she is taking up Kody’s identity, mimicking his frowning face.

Robyn Brown Kody Brown YouTube TLC Sister Wives

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Talking about Robyn’s unhappy face, fans took to Reddit. The OP wrote, “Happy wife, happy li… Nevermind,” alongside the grim faces of Robyn and Kody from a video call with other Sister Wives.

Another fan added, “She wanted him, she’s got him. I’ll bet it pisses her off to see Christine live her best life.”

A third Reddit user described how Robyn hates seeing any of the other Sister Wives flourish. They also talked about Robyn pouting and getting mad after Meri Brown shared her wish to get back to school.

Robyn Brown Sister Wives YouTube TLC

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“She wants everyone to be miserable and fighting for Kody so she can feel superior,” they added.

Robyn Brown’s New Nick Name Is The ‘Brown Frown’

A fourth fan claimed, “I wonder if she has a resting frown face. Kind of like resting b***h face. Because we see her frowning all the time.”

“The Brown frown,” chimed a fifth Sister Wives fan.

Robyn Brown Sister Wives YouTube TLC

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Whether it is sobbing or frowning over trivial matters, both Kody and Robyn have had extreme reactions.  Even though Season 17 was all about Christine and Kody’s dramatic parting, Robyn did find ways to make things all about her. Throughout the series, Kody has slowly established that Robyn is his favorite wife and fans think her manipulation is what caused this.

Is Robyn Brown Bitter About Everything?

Fans even think Robyn looks very angry about everything nowadays. Even though she has everything and Janelle lives in a fifth-wheel trailer, she seems bitter about things. From day one, they received preferential treatment and always had a sense of entitlement. The Brown family, especially Janelle with her income from the job, paid off her debt. They even financed her business and got her a dream house.

Robyn Brown Sister Wives YouTube TLC

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Do you agree with Sobyn Robyn’s new nickname? Plus, do you think she manipulates every situation in her favor? Share your thoughts in the comments and do not forget to watch Sister Wives on TLC every Sunday!

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  1. Robyn is extremely annoying and a cry baby! Everything MUST be about her or she isn’t happy. She and Kody are made for each other – both demanding and manipulative whiners!
    Thank God Christine got her head out of her butt and left Kody! Things are only going to get better for her kiddos and her.

  2. I knew when she came into the family she was TROUBLE! From her money problems (Victoria’s Secet debt) to having Mykeli as a live-in S̶l̶a̶v̶e̶ babysitter, to her constant crying as a form of gaslighting and manipulation. She is the CATALYST of most of the problems in the family. Klody Brown has been seduced and now has lost most of his family. He is an uncaring, harsh, hypocritical man.

  3. She destroys anything she touches. Look at her kids they look like they have been emotionally abused by her and Mykelti needs to be careful with Sobyn because narcissist will turn on you in a heartbeat. Kotex and Sobyn are both narcissists. I really wonder is Kotex and her are grooming Aurora as the new wife.

    1. I have thought the same thing.. kody can take Robyn’s girls as his new wives. No blood related… but when does even that stop a polygamist

  4. Kody brought the leaving of Christine when he said he wasn’t sexually attracted to her! How many women would stand for that? Same as he did to Meri, and now doing to Janelle by saying he won’t stay in a camper! He moved them from one state to another with false hopes of building on one property! He’s a narcissist!!

  5. Robyn has always been the snobby one she seemed as though her sh##t didn’t stink and Kody tries to act so cool with his freakin long hair that needs a good scrub and they are meant for each other . So happy Christine moved on and Janelle is enjoying her life not sure about Meri .
    Look out Robyn another wife is in the making !!! Maybe competition in the making

  6. All the browns have the hatchet frown line across the nose between the eyes…the longer Christine is away, the less proximate the frown line is. They all have it. They are all unhappy
    Robyn is the reason the family is broken. She’s a selfish manipulative bitch and when asked about anything..her answer is alway “ I don’t know” she’s useless. It’s all about her and her kids.. no one else.

  7. OK, here’s my take. Kudos to Christine. What she did took a lot of courage. Sometimes it’s hard to break from toxic relationships. Um, Kody…WOW. What a narcissist! Dude! Wake the f up and realize that you are definitely not closer to heaven by spawning multiple children with multiple women that you have no relationship with. Oh, except that one woman 🤔. Kody is pathetic. Robyn is a gold digger. Meri…please get your shit together and realize he’s not the one. Consider Kody a “mulligan”. Move on! Sadly, your lifestyle is a complete farse. Keep benefiting those TLC benefits though. It’s mindless entertainment and most likely makes others feel better about their relationships.

  8. The sister wife Mari is the one that should leave Kodi, he’s so rude to her, doesn’t want anything to do with her. Everything thats a negative, Kodi blames it on anyone else but himself. He refuses to see how neglectful he is to the other wives except Robyn and blames that on Covid, not himself. You can’t have sister wives if you’re going to favor one over the others. Kodi should not be married into a polygamist family if he can’t treat wives equally.

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