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Sobyn Robyn Brown Snags New Nickname, What Is It?

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In the eyes of the fanbase, Robyn Brown is one of the least popular Sister Wives cast members. In recent years, they’ve even started calling her “Sobyn” based on the number of times she cries onscreen.

But now that the Season 17 premiere is just around the corner, fans online have come up with a new nickname for the Sister Wives star. What are they calling her these days?

Redditors take digs at Kody & Robyn Brown online

There are many reasons why Sister Wives viewers don’t favor Robyn Brown. At the end of the day, many viewers have issues with the way she came into the family. She ultimately chose to enter a family and monopolize a lot of Kody’s time when Christine was nine months pregnant.

Robyn Brown from TLC
Robyn Brown/TLC

But the new nickname recently came out of a Reddit thread targeted at the family patriarch, Kody Brown.

“Season 14 Episode 15: Janelle and Christine are in North Carolina with Maddie. Kody is in Flagstaff. Kody says Grandma Sheryl is taking care of Gabe and Savanna while Janelle is gone so he has to go check up on them every once in a while,” the original poster lays out the scene. “First off: why isn’t he staying with them? Secondly: shouldn’t he be staying at Janelle’s house every 4 days, even if Janelle isn’t there? Thirdly: why doesn’t he know Gabe’s high school/ college plans?”

For seasoned Sister Wives viewers, these questions aren’t difficult to answer. Even in recent seasons, Kody readily admitted that his adult children weren’t much of a concern to him. And over the years, viewers noticed that he really only pays attention to Robyn’s children.

“Because Kody doesn’t give a f*** about any of those children unless they came out of Goblyn’s t***,” one Redditor replied. Others really took notice of the “Goblyn” dig and ran with it.

Sister Wives from Reddit
Sister Wives/Reddit

Do you agree with Reddit’s sentiments here? Be sure to leave your own ideas in the comments below.

Kody Brown could possibly take on another wife

Now that Christine is no longer part of the family, many Sister Wives viewers wonder about the family’s future. For example, will Kody Brown try to take on another wife?

Many fans online didn’t think it was very likely. These days, Kody almost seems afraid of Robyn. And she definitely wouldn’t enjoy having a new wife in the family.

Others thought that the Browns really needed money to support their large family and need to prolong the show. Adding another wife to the family would be one of the fastest ways to do make that happen and drive up viewership. Surely TLC wouldn’t cancel a show when the drama is hot and heavy.

Where do you think the Browns will go from here? Will you tune into Sister Wives Season 17? Keep checking back for more update son the family.

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  1. Cody is a horrible person! He would run over his mother to get his way. He wants Wives and more wives but he is only in love with one she satisfies me, the rest are on their own. They gave him almost 20 children and when most were old enough and he wouldn’t have to pay child support He kicked them to the curb. He loves to gaslight them all! He dang near destroyed Mari’s relationship with her Only child, he put the whole “catfishing” on her why wasn’t he there for her? Why was she so drastically needed someone to comfort her? Poor, poor Cody! Bid badly. Cancel the show so he has to get a job!

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