‘Love After Lockup’ New Season Details, Premiere Date

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Love After Lockup is back for another season. Just as Love During Lockup is still unfolding in its second year, the new trailer has arrived. It is just as explosive as the past ones. Two familiar couples will be on and there seems to be a lot of wedding talk, ring exchange, and family integration. However, it is quite clear that not everything will end up happily ever after. Read on for more details and to see when the show will premiere.

Love After Lockup Brings Back Old Cast Members

If anyone watched the first season of LDL, they may remember Gabby and Chris. He was providing her with a ton of money while he was locked up. Whenever she wanted something, she just made a call to him or his lawyers and she was granted her wish. This afforded her a car and much more. However, when she wanted the dress of her dreams, this became a huge issue as Chris’s lawyers were not very accommodating. They had gotten engaged and she was just waiting for him to be released. During this time, she was planning their dream wedding.

Now, the couple can finally tie the knot and no one can say anything, according to Gabby. Justine and Michael join the cast and they are from this season of LDL. Unfortunately, her children are struggling. They do not want to accept him as their stepfather at all. Yet, they are married so it’s legal and for real now.

Bring On The New

Ashley and Travis have an interesting story in the sense that she is an antique fine jewelry purveyor. Yet, Travis was arrested for armed robbery. There is also one couple where the woman has had two men die prior to the man she is with. There is a question of if he is next so that part is a tad sketchy. One couple seems happy until the female calls up the bank to discover that there is no money left. Plus, there is a high-speed driving incident with the cops possibly being called.

Love After Lockup/YouTube

All in all, it seems to be one for the books. Yet, the biggest question is who will actually stay together. Plenty of couples have looked very promising and then failed to make it to the end of the season. However, others do quite well and end up on several seasons of Life After Lockup (Marcelino and Brittany). So, when does it finally premiere? The new season of Love After Lockup will debut on Friday, December 16th on WeTV.

Are you excited for Love After Lockup’s return? Let us know and watch Love During Lockup Fridays on WeTV.


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