Sunny Hostin In Line Of Fire With Uncontrollable Coughing Guest

Sunny Hostin [The View | YouTube]

Sunny Hostin was in the line of fire with an uncontrollable coughing guest. The View fans were concerned about her health in the latest broadcast. The talk show invited New York Times journalist Megan Twohey to discuss the Harvey Weinstein case. She sat next to Sunny the entire time.

During Monday’s live broadcast of The View, Meghan had a coughing fit. She couldn’t stop the tickle in her throat. Meghan coughed throughout her segment as she sat close to Sunny. Read on to learn more and to see the fan reaction.

Sunny Hostin & Alyssa Farah Griffin [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]

Megan Twohey has a coughing fit on The View

The interview quickly went from intriguing to uncomfortable for a different reason. The viewers could hear someone coughing off-screen. The camera focused on Sunny Hostin, who sat next to Meghan. The guest was revealed as the one who had an uncontrollable cough.

“The little baby that gave me, with whom I’ve had postpartum depression is now giving me a rotation of colds,” Meghan explained the reason behind her cough.

Sunny Hostin & Alyssa Farah Griffin [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
Sunny Hostin played it cool during the interview. She was a professional. As Meghan tried to speak during the interview, she had a hard time talking. She couldn’t help but cough once again.

The serious discussion was centered around disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein and his alleged sexual harassment crimes. However, viewers on Twitter couldn’t help but notice Meghan’s cough. It took away from the serious subject matter. Some of them expressed concern for Sunny Hostin and Meghan, while others criticized the guest for appearing on the show while sick.

  • “Can the producers give this woman some cough drops please?”
  • “So she’s on the show with a cold? Ma’am that’s contagious. You should have stayed home!”
  • “…I don’t relate. Wear a mask!”
  • “And she said she has a cold. Why is she so close to Sunny hacking up with a cold? We could have done her part over Zoom.”

Sunny Hostin played off the uncomfortable interview

Sunny Hostin was graceful as possible during the interview. She didn’t seem to mind. The co-hosts still test themselves for COVID when they’re feeling under weather. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Whoopi Goldberg was absent from the talk show this week after she tested positive for COVID.

Back during the Season 26 premiere of The View, fans were appalled by Joy Behar’s “gross cough.” Most flocked to Twitter to talk about her coughing fit during a segment on the show. It was so distracting that the viewers couldn’t focus on anything else. Some were annoyed that Joy wasn’t removed so she could cough backstage.

What are your thoughts on Sunny Hostin being in the line of fire of the uncontrollable coughing guest? Do you think Meghan should’ve stayed home? Or, do you think it’s not a big deal? Sound off below in the comment section.

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