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Fans Turned Off By Joy Behar’s ‘Gross Cough’ What’s Wrong?

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Fans of The View fear for Joy Behar’s health and wellbeing following a recent episode of the new season. As The Sun recaps, the 79-year-old had a pretty intense coughing fit during a recent episode. Joy could be heard coughing, hacking, and fighting to keep her throat clear during the entire episode. The audience at home had a hard time ignoring all of the hacking coming from Joy and took to social media to express concern for her. Was something wrong with her?

Joy Behar has a coughing fit, fans get concerned

Joy Behar’s alarming coughing fit started up pretty early on in the episode. The View panel kicked things off by talking about a round of what was going on in the news. As usual, they debated and shared their thoughts on various headlines. It wasn’t too long after Joy seemingly struggled to express her thoughts that she started to have a coughing fit. Joy could be heard hacking in the background while the rest of the panel tried to talk over her.

Joy Behar On The View [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
Shockingly, the alarming choking and hacking continued during the entire episode. In addition to it being very distracting, viewers admit they were just worried something was wrong with her. Many of the viewers at home were pretty quick to take to all forms of social media to beg for something to be done. Overall, there was a pretty even split of fans who were worried about her, and fans were just annoyed she wasn’t removed when it started.

Viewers divided on handling the coughing fit

One viewer begged someone on the set of The View to provide Joy Behar with some cough drops, hard candy, and something to drink. The individual proceeded to note that the coughing and phlegmy throat clearing during the entire episode turned their stomach and made the show hard to watch. Other viewers tried to be sympathetic to Joy Behar. They, however, agreed that if she wasn’t feeling well she should have stayed home.

This isn’t a new problem with Joy Behar

A quick scroll through Twitter reveals this is NOT a new complaint regarding Joy Behar. During last season, some viewers questioned if anyone on the panel noticed Joy Behar was ALWAYS coughing. Moreover, some viewers pointed out she’s been having coughing fits for a year and should see a doctor.

One fan noted in an older tweet: “Love you joy but please stop the coughing on the view. It’s loud and annoying.”

Did you notice Joy Behar has been doing an excessive amount of coughing on the show? Do you think something is wrong with her? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more.


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