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‘The View’ Fans Notice Sunny Hostin Dissed As Moderator


The View host Sunny Hostin was robbed of a chance to act as a replacement moderator at the show. Instead, Sara Haines was chosen to sub as a temporary moderator while Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar were absent. Given her seniority over Sara, fans feel Sunny was shaded by the producers when taking this major decision for the panel. Here is everything you need to know!

The View Producers Choose Sara Over Sunny Hostin

On Monday’s episode, Sara filled in for the moderator, Whoopi. Given that Joy was also absent from the show, fans feel Sunny should have been next in line to take up the chair in the panel. However, she was denied the chance by the show’s producers. The hosting panel only had Sunny, Ana Navarro, Sara, and Alyssa Farah Griffin.

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Viewers were puzzled to see that Sara led the discussions as opposed to Sunny. Fans on Twitter discussed this unusual decision as one wrote, “Not Sara moderating. I’d feel a lil shade if I were Sunny.”

“Sunny joined the show 20 days before Sara. So! Sunny has seniority & should’ve been the moderator today,” wrote another.

Does Sara Haines Have Seniority Over Sunny Hostin?

Both Sunny and Sara joined The View as panelists in 2016. However, Sara left the show in 2018 to co-host GMA Day. However, she later returned to the show for Season 24. On the other hand,  Sunny has been a regular on the show which makes her the obvious first choice.

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A third tweeted, “I always wondered who was next in line to moderate in the absence of Whoopi and Joy.”

“I didn’t think Sara had seniority after having left and returned. I def thought Sunny would moderate with all of her previous TV experience, “they added.

Whoopi Goldberg Is Missing From The Show Due To COVID

Later in the episode, it was revealed that Whoopi was missing from the show due to her COVID diagnosis. A representative from the show confirmed that the Oscar-winning actress felt under the weather.

Whoopi Goldberg YouTube The View

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As per The Sun, this is why she decided to skip hosting the ABC show. However, later in the afternoon, her test results came back positive for COVID. Joy Behar also took leave for the day creating a pattern seen since the start of Season 26 in September. Whoopi’s diagnosis comes a day after the actress celebrated her 67th birthday.

Whoopi Goldberg Gets COVID Despite Vaccination

However, this isn’t the first time she took a leave of absence from the show due to her COVID diagnosis. Back in January, she went missing from The View after experiencing the symptoms of COVID during the holidays. This happened despite the fact that she was vaccinated. She even got two boosters for added safety.

Whoopi Goldberg YouTube The View

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Shocked by her diagnosis, she shared her thoughts after recovery stating, “It was a shock because I’m triple vaxxed, I haven’t been anywhere, I haven’t done anything. It’s one of those things where you think, I’ve done everything I was supposed to do…. Yeah, it doesn’t stop omicron.”

The comedian has also battled other serious health conditions like sciatica that mandated her to use a walker.

Whoopi Goldberg YouTube The View

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Do you think The View producers were unfair towards Sunny Hostin? Was Sara Haines the right choice to serve as the panel moderator? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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