Lilah Roloff Eye Surgery Update: Zach Explains What’s Happening

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LPBW fans have been yearning for an update on Lilah Roloff’s eye surgery. Fortunately, Zach Roloff was feeling like an open book on Instagram last night. So, when one fan popped into his comments and asked if she was having surgery on her eyes, Zach was happy to answer the question. What exactly did the Little People, Big World fan ask about Lilah’s eyes? And, what did Zach Roloff have to say about potential surgery? Keep reading for an official update!

What is wrong with her eyes, anyway?

As Tori Roloff reminded fans during the last season of LPBW, Lilah has an eye condition called, Strabismus. The eye condition requires special treatment including doing things such as wearing an eye patch over a single eye for a period of time. The purpose of the eye patch is to force Lilah’s other eye to do more work with the hope of becoming stronger. Moreover, as fans know, Lilah has also worn glasses since she was fairly young.

Knowing Lilah has lots of issues with her eyes, fans often wonder about them. Likewise, fans have been told more than once there was a chance Lilah would need surgery.

Zach Roloff Instagram (Lilah Roloff)
Zach Roloff Instagram

Zach Roloff shares update on Lilah Roloff’s eyes

In response to Zach’s Instagram post last night, one fan asked if Lilah was getting Strabismus eye surgery. Zach responded to the comment and explained where they were with Lilah’s eyes.

Current plan is too wait till Lilah is talking better and can give us better feedback with the tests they do before moving forward.

According to Zach, they have decided to hold off on doing eye surgery on their daughter. Right now, she’s still working on her communication skills. This can make it difficult for doctors to get clear answers during eye examinations. Zach and Tori have decided they would feel more comfortable moving forward with the surgery if they want until she’s able to better answer the questions during the eye exams.

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Many fans encouraged Zach to look into vision therapy noting that it might be successful enough to correct her vision issues without the need for surgery.

Are you happy Zach Roloff took the time to update LPBW fans on Lilah Roloff’s eyes and if she was having surgery? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more on Little People, Big World.

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