How Are Lilah Roloff’s Eyes? Mom Tori Gives Update

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Little People, Big World fans are wondering what is going on with Lilah Roloff’s eyes. The adorable little girl has had some difficulties with her eyes, as her mom Tori shared before. It’s been a while since fans have gotten an update on them, though, so some are worried for Lilah. Fortunately, mom Tori has an update to share.

In case you didn’t know, Lilah was previously diagnosed with strabismus. This is the medical term for her eyes being crossed. So, she has been wearing a patch and glasses to help with her eye condition. Tori has shared several photos and videos of Lilah wearing a patch or glasses to hopefully correct her strabismus.

On her Instagram stories, Tori hosted a Q&A session. She shared a question box so fans could ask about whatever they wanted to. She received a wide variety of questions and ended up sharing answers about Roloff Farms, her pregnancy, Jackson Roloff’s surgery, and more. Of course, some fans were looking for an update on Lilah’s eyes. So, how are they doing these days?

Lilah Roloff/Instagram
Lilah Roloff/Instagram

How are Lilah Roloff’s eyes?

When a fan asked how Lilah’s eyes have been, Tori said, “Good. She was actually supposed to have surgery this last week but we cancelled it for the time being because she has been doing so well with patching and glasses. I was feeling a little uncomfortable with surgery right now (even though we’re pretty sure she’ll need it in the future) but she’s improving and that’s what we’re thankful for!”

She shared a cute snap of Lilah standing in the snow. The LPBW star is wearing boots, a green outfit, a beanie, and her glasses as she looks at the camera.

Tori Roloff Instagram

In this update, Tori doesn’t give any details about when Lilah might end up needing the operation. But fans will likely be kept in the loop about Lilah and her eyes. Tori and Zach seem to appreciate all the love and positive words from fans when their family is facing ups and downs. When Jackson recently underwent leg surgery, fans sent many sweet comments the family’s way. They certainly have a very loving and encouraging community.

So, are you glad to see an update about Lilah Roloff’s eyes? Do you hope that Tori Roloff will share more updates about both of her kids very soon? Let us know in the comments section below. For more news about the Roloff family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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