Tori Roloff Reminds ‘LPBW’ Fans What’s Wrong With Lilah’s Eyes

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Tori and Zach Roloff’s daughter Lilah was spotted wearing an eye patch during part of tonight’s episode of Little People, Big World. While she was wearing the eye patch, Tori felt the need to remind fans what was wrong with Lilah’s eyes. Overall, Tori Roloff is very good about giving fans updates on her daughter’s eyes via social media. But, she realized that anyone new to the show might not know what is wrong with them. Need a refresher on Lilah’s eyes? Keep reading.

Warning: Article contains spoilers from Season 23, Episode 9 

What is wrong with Lilah Roloff’s eyes?

As Tori Roloff reminded fans during tonight’s episode, Lilah has a condition called, Strabismus. On a previous season of the show, Tori explained that Lilah requires a lot of special treatment because of her eye condition. This includes wearing an eye patch over her eye for a period of time on a regular basis. Lilah Roloff wears the eye patch on her eye to force the other eye to work harder and be stronger. As those who watch the show know, Lilah has also worn glasses since she was pretty young.

Prior to learning what was wrong with Lilah’s eyes, Tori and Zach used to joke that Lilah was their “cross-eyed queen.” Admittedly, LPBW fans just appreciate that the couple took enough care to handle her vision issues at such a young age. Teaching a child to tolerate wearing glasses is a very difficult task. LPBW fans have always been in awe of how Tori and Zach were able to get young Lilah to wear glasses. The couple, however, admits that they’ve gone through their fair share of replacing broken pairs of glasses with Lilah being so young.

Lilah Roloff via Instagram
Lilah Roloff via Instagram

The most recent update on her eye health was last month

As TvShowsAce reported, last month was the most recent update from Tori and Zach on Lilah’s eyes. During this update, Tori and Zach revealed that their daughter would need surgery on her eyes. It was in response to a question about Lilah’s eyes on Instagram that Tori shared the update.

“Glasses do help yes, but girlsy will need surgery eventually. We’re working closely with her doc to determine the best time to do that! It’s a pretty common and easy procedure thank goodness!” She explained.

Fortunately, it doesn’t sound like it will be a difficult surgery for little Lilah!

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