Kody Brown Says Christine Leaving Is A ‘Favor’ & ‘Blessing’

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Kody Brown is ready for Christine to leave. He has mourned this marriage for too long though he kept fighting for her not to leave. In actuality, he does not know what he really wants. All he seems to know is anger and frustration which he unleashed in the latest episode of Sister Wives. This was when he let his former third wife know that her leaving was both a ‘favor’ and a ‘blessing.’

Kody Brown Says Christine’s Exit Is A ‘Favor’ & ‘Blessing’

The father of eighteen has let loose all of his inner rages and this week, Christine was the target. He has been apparently impossible to be around according to Robyn. Now, he has told her everything that she has done wrong. First, though, he did thank her for fixing up the mess that was their family. He initially wed Meri in 1990 and then took on his second wife, Janelle in 1993. There was a lot of tension between the two ladies. Being that Meri was so young, she did want polygamy but she struggled with jealousy and sharing a husband.

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Then, Christine came along in 1994 and was this breath of fresh air to the Browns. For that, Kody was grateful. However, now that she is exiting the family, he has new thoughts. After he thanked her for fixing the family, his mood shifted. “You came into our lives. You did us a favor. You’re leaving. I almost feel like it’s a favor too.” He further noted that it was a blessing that she was leaving, as well. Kody had already commented that he wished they hadn’t dragged the marriage out for so long.

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Kody Brown seems to have a lot of anger and resentment toward Christine leaving. He was desperate to keep her in town, practically begging her to stay. She told him it was over and even Janelle agreed that they gave it their all. However, Kody goes back and forth between being completely enraged and then waxing sentimental. For Christine, his erratic behavior is just further reassurance that what she is doing is the right thing.

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There was a moment when he was lashing out and Christine said she was happy that she did not have to deal with him any longer. It just reaffirmed that this was the best decision of her life to move to Utah. She knows what she brought to the family and that she did love Kody. In the end, love just was not enough and he showed his true colors. Now she can go off and do what truly makes her happy in the long run.

Do you think Kody Brown meant Christine leaving was a blessing and a favor or was he just being spiteful? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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