‘Friends’ Alum To Join Marvel Studios’ ‘Wonder Man’ Series?

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A fan-favorite Friends alum might soon be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the upcoming Wonder Man series. The actor is currently in talks with Marvel Studios for a possible role in the Disney+ series. Who is this person? What will their role be in the series? Keep reading to find out the details!

Courteney Cox In Talks With MCU For An Undisclosed Role

If rumors are to be believed, Marvel reportedly met with Courteney Cox to discuss her joining the MCU series with an undisclosed role. Cox is a veteran actor, especially in the TV industry. She has been a part of multiple high-rated sitcoms including the legendary series, Friends, where she portrayed the role of Monica Geller. She was also seen in other successful series like Cougar Town and Family Ties.

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The series has already roped in Yahya Abdul-Mateen II to play the lead role of Simon Williams in the Wonder Man series. As per CBR.com, he was previously seen in the Aquaman movie that was released in 2018. In the upcoming MCU series, he will play an actor and son of a rich industrialist imbued with iconic energy that grants him several superpowers. His superpowers include electromagnetic manipulation, flight, invulnerability, super-strength, and many more.

Courteney Cox’s Upcoming Movie Will Premiere In 2023

Simon will play an actor in the series. So, it is possible that the series will feature a satirical look at the Hollywood movie industry. Not just that, the series will also see Sir Ben Kingsley reprise his role in the Marvel universe as thespian Trevor Slattery in the upcoming series.

Before fans see Cox in the Marvel series, she will return to the big screen as journalist Gale Weathers in the 2023 Scream 6 movie. Although the movie doesn’t have an official title yet, it will follow the four survivors from Scream released in 2022. The story trails the survivors as they leave Woodsboro to start a fresh chapter in New York.

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However, they are unaware that a stronger Ghostface is waiting for them in the Big Apple. As Scream 6 hits the big screen, Cox will be the only actor besides Ghostface voice actor Roger L. Jackson to have been a part of every installment of the slasher franchise.

Bob Odenkirk Might Play A Special Role In Wonder Man

Another unconfirmed actor that is in talks for a role in the Wonder Man series is Better Call Saul’s, Bob Odenkirk. Marvel hasn’t revealed details of the special role they want him to play. However, fans speculate he might be cast as Neal Saroyan, Simon Williams’ meta-human agent. Given that Wonder Man is currently in the early stages of production, the series won’t arrive until 2024.

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