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MCU’s ‘Vision Quest’ To Feature A Wonder Man Cameo?

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WandaVision’s spinoff Vision Quest was recently confirmed as Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase Four approaches its end. Fans would be seeing several characters from the comic book making it to the TV screens and big screen as well. A recent casting update informed that Marvel’s upcoming series Wonder Man has finally found the star for its titular role. As per reports, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is to be cast as the lead character Simon Williams, also known as Wonder Man. However, that isn’t the only gig he is getting with Marvel.

When Does Vision Quest Series Arrive On Disney+?

The actor isn’t a stranger to comic book roles and has starred in DC’s Watchmen and Aquaman. Fans are now wondering if the Wonder Man series would be his first appearance in the Marvel world. Wonder Man is a character with a lot of stories to be told and the newly confirmed Vision Quest series might be a start to it.

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As per CBR.com, the WandaVision spinoff will arrive sometime in late 2023 or early 2024 and it could be the perfect way to introduce the new character as he is in the same comic book arc.

Wonder Man Was Originally A Force of The Evil

Wonder Man wasn’t a classic superhero. His original introduction in the comics was as an evil force. Moreover, he is also a failed competitor to Tony Stark’s Stark Industries. However, later on, he is redeemed and becomes a stuntman, actor, and even an Avenger. More so, he was also one of the founding members of the West Coast Avengers. It is a sister division of the Avengers as suggested by The Vision.

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The team has seen various formations since its formation in 1984. Also, Wonder Man has joined forces with Iron Man, Tigra, The Vision, and many more. Several characters from the founding lineup are already introduced, hinted at, or at the least included in the comic book for fans.

Vision Quest To Introduce Wonder Man In West Coast Avengers Arc

With Vision Quest being Disney+’s upcoming title, speculations of a potential live-action debut have increased. As per the comic book arc and WandaVision’s story, White Vision is Vision without the thing that makes him human. This human element is Wonder Man’s soul or simply put brain patterns. At the helm of it all was Immortus, who is a time-hopping, older variant of Kang. He is the one who manipulated the events to bring the Scarlet Witch closer.

White Vision-Vision Quest YouTube

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Now, Kang is officially in the MCU with his appearance in the upcoming Ant-Man trilogy installment. So, there is a big possibility that Wonder Man would have a cameo in Vision Quest. As per reports, the character will be a part of the spinoff showcasing the formation of the West Coast Avengers.

Are you excited about Disney+’s Vision Quest series? Finally, do you love the casting of Yahya Abdul as Wonder Man? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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