‘Indiana Jones’ To Make A Comeback With Disney+ TV Series

The legendary Indiana Jones is making a comeback, and not with a new movie. Lucasfilm and The Mouse House have hinted at a possible TV series dedicated to the iconic character. In the general meetings with writers, the production houses have discussed streaming the show on Disney+. It would be set in the world of the globe-trotting archaeologist. Has the production started? What will the series entail? Keep reading to find out the details!

Indiana Jones TV Series Could Either Be A Prequel Or Sequel

As of now, no writer has been assigned to the project, so plot details are unavailable. However, sources speculate that the series could either be a sequel or prequel to the Indiana Jones movies. They also state that the series would be tied to the upcoming fifth installment of the Indiana Jones movie franchise. This is something similar to the way Disney has tied all its Marvel shows streaming on Disney+ into the MCU.

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This move to develop a series dedicated to Indiana Jones comes after Harrison Ford mentioned that he won’t be playing the character after the fifth movie which is due to release in 2023. Additionally, sources mention that Disney is exploring several options to ensure that the franchise doesn’t end anytime soon. This could either mean new films, a series, other media, or a combination of it all. No representatives for Lucasfilm haven’t commented on the project yet.

Disney+ Indiana Jones Isn’t The First TV Series

If the Disney+ series is given the green light, it wouldn’t be the first TV series about Indiana Jones. As per Variety, ABC aired two seasons of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles from 1992 to 1993. Apart from this, The Family Channel (now known as Freeform) aired four specials made for TV between 1994 and 1996.

Harrison Ford Indiana Jones YouTube

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Although Ford made a cameo appearance in one of the episodes, the show primarily focused on the character’s early years. It had Corey Carrier and Sean Patrick Flanery playing the protagonist at different phases of his life. An elderly Jones was played by George Hall.

George Lucas And Philip Kaufman Created Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones is an iconic pop culture character with Ford playing the titular character in four blockbuster movies to date. He has been a part of:

  • Raiders Of The Lost Ark
  • The Last Crusade
  • Temple Of Doom
  • Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

Harrison Ford Indiana Jones YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Philip Kaufman and George Lucas created the beloved character. They worked alongside Steven Spielberg, who directed the first four movies in the franchise. James Mangold will be in the director’s chair for the fifth film.

Disney working on the idea to develop a TV series around Indiana Jones isn’t surprising. The company has been harvesting ideas from its most-successful titles from its existing catalog to help build its streaming platform.

Would you be interested in the Indiana Jones TV series, if it ever happens, on Disney+? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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