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Nikita Dragun Arrested, Facing Felony Charge

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Nikita Dragun reportedly had a little too much fun recently as she’s been arrested and is now facing a felony charge. According to TMZthe transgender icon was having a grand time at The Goodtime Hotel in Miami Beach. Fans and multiple outlets jest Nikita took the name of the hotel a little too seriously after she ended up being escorted off the property in handcuffs. What exactly did Nikita Dragun do to get arrested? Keep reading for the details.

Nikita Dragun arrested, facing a felony charge

Turns out, Nikita Dragun was busted for wandering around the hotel pool completely nude before dousing security guards and police officers in water. She was arrested on Monday and she’s now facing a felony charge for battery on a police officer.

Nikita Dragun - YouTube
Nikita Dragun – YouTube

Per the police report, police officers arrived on the scene at the hotel after a report of a disturbance and extremely disorderly conduct. When the police arrived, the security guards of the hotel updated them on the situation. Turns out, Nikita Dragun had been causing a pretty massive disturbance. And, she’d been walking around the pull completely naked for a period of time. Security guards also reported failed attempts to get Nikita to stop. Furthermore, there was even a report she intentionally tossed water at the hotel staff.

After arriving at the hotel, the police officers were escorted to Nikita’s room. Extremely loud music could be heard playing. The police officers got Nikita to open the door. They told her to knock it off or she would be leaving the hotel. Then, Nikita Dragun slammed the door in their faces.

After a few moments passed, she opened the door again. Turning her attention to the hotel security, she asked if they wanted more. Then, she proceeded to swing an open water bottle. This caused water to splatter all over the security guard and police officer. After swinging the water bottle and hitting both security and the officer with water, she was arrested and escorted off the property in handcuffs.


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Nikita Dragun was booked at Miami-Dade County’s Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center for several different charges including felony battery on a police officer, misdemeanor battery, and disorderly conduct. She was given a $5,000 bond.

Are you surprised to learn Nikita Dragun has been arrested? Does what she’s been charged with surprise you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back to TvShowsAce for more TV news.

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