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Nikita Dragun Breaks Down, Reveals Mental Disorder


Nikita Dragun shocked her 9 million Instagram followers when she shared a snapshot of her shedding tears on her profile. In the caption, she announced she uploaded a new YouTube video to her channel. She explained that she has spent the last few months debating on whether she wanted to share this information with the world.

This week, however, the transgender icon was finally ready to speak her truth. Turns out, Nikita Dragun was diagnosed with a mental disorder and the past six months of her life have been a whirlwind. What was she diagnosed with? How is she doing now? Keep reading for the details.

Nikita Dragun - YouTube
Nikita Dragun – YouTube

Nikita Dragun Breaks Down, Reveals Mental Disorder

In a video titled “what happened,” Nikita Dragun opened up about what she’s been going through recently. The YouTuber admits she thought transitioning from a man to a woman was the hardest thing she would ever have to do in life. She believed once she transitioned her life would be complete and she would achieve all of her dreams. Nikita Dragun never imagined that after transitioning she would have had to endure a mental disorder.

After building up to it, Nikita revealed to her YouTube followers that she had been diagnosed with a mental disorder. She was bipolar. For her followers unfamiliar with the disorder, she said it helped to picture it as a spectrum. On one side of the spectrum was manic and on the other side is depressed. She added that somewhere right in the middle was normal.

Nikita Dragun tells her followers bipolar disorder is exhausting because typically you land on one of the two extremes of the spectrum.

Nikita Dragun Instagram
Nikita Dragun Instagram

Leaned On Family For Support

Nikita Dragun revealed that during a manic episode, she did some things she wasn’t particularly proud of. Without sharing too many details, she opens up about getting in an altercation during a manic episode that resulted in her landing in the back of a police car. She was taken to the hospital where she was detained for her own safety.

Looking back, Nikita admits she’s thankful for the way things played out because she received an official diagnosis of bipolar. And, she was able to get some of the help she needed.

Becoming emotional, Nikita Dragun noted having her family’s support during this difficult time was also a real game-changer for her.

Did you wonder what happened to Nikita a while back when she shared Instagram Stories revealing she was in the hospital? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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