YouTuber Nikita Dragun Breaks Silence, Explains How She ‘Died’

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After a week of silence, Nikita Dragun is finally explaining how and why she “died” last week. As we previously reported, the transgender model and fashionista confused her millions of followers and fans a week ago. She shared a video across all of her platforms linked to the hashtag #RIPNikitaDragun.

Little explanation was attached to these social media posts. And, then nothing else was posted on her profiles for a week. Fans of the social media influencer scratched their heads as they began to wonder if she might actually be dead.

Nikita Dragun Instastories
Nikita Dragun Instastories

Nikita Dragun finally breaks silence, explains how she “died”

Being a transgender woman, Nikita Dragun admits this isn’t the first time she’s died and been reborn. At some point in time the male body she was born with died and she was reborn anew as Nikita. Turns out, this was nothing more than the YouTuber reaching a point in her life where one chapter of her life was coming to an end. And, another chapter of her life was beginning.

As we previously reported, Nikita Dragun shared a pretty eerie funeral video on her Instagram Stories. She followed up by posting the full video on her Instagram profile. The social media influencer previously wiped her profile clean. So, this eerie funeral video is the only thing on her profile at the moment.

Nikita Dragun Instagram

Nikita’s most recent and only Instagram post also contained a statement. A detailed explanation. She explained why and how she died. Finally, she gave some answers to her fans about what was going on.

She explained: “I have had many rebirths in my life. Physically. Professionally. Privately. I have found myself, lost myself, then completely fell from knowing myself at all. Life will do that to you. The pursuit of fame, money, and grandeur will do that to you. The beauty in falling and losing yourself… is that there is always a choice to get your ass back up and start over. To rebirth yourself.”

I need to lay to rest an old chapter of my life in order to birth a new one. One filled with gratitude, humility, and the valuable lessons learned from past mistakes. I have given so much focus to my external transformation, and now it is time to focus on my internal transformation. To pause everything and do the work to take care of myself mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I am thrilled to step into this new era together!”

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She concluded by thanking her followers for their support

Nikita Dragun ended her statement by thanking her nine million Instagram followers for their love and support. Those who have been following this story, however, know Nikita hasn’t really gotten a lot of love and support. In fact, many of her fans and followers are furious. They feel like she faked her death for clout and attention.

In the comments of her post, many of her followers admit that her statement didn’t really clear anything up. Most noted they had no idea what was going on. Here’s some of what her followers had to say:

  • “Literally what, this makes no sense at all lmao.”
  • “girl what.”
  • “This is so annoying lol.”
  • “Can someone explain what happened to her?”
  • “did she died or passed away?”
  • “Thought this was real”

Nikita Dragun did have a few followers shower her with support as she started a new chapter in life. But, most admit they were just confused. Some were even hurt that she would pretend to be dead.

Have you been following the Nikita Dragun is dead story? Are you surprised to learn it was all some sort of stunt? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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