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Kody Brown Says Jenn Is Good For Meri & She Needs A Friend

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Kody Brown is okay with Meri’s new B&B manager and good friend, Jenn. She was introduced in the latest episode of Sister Wives. This is not someone new to the Brown family. Rather she met Meri when they were all living in Las Vegas. Jenn and Meri became very close and she knows all the dirty laundry, so to speak. Now, Kody is opening up about his feeling about Jenn and how he feels about having her in Meri’s life. Read on for more details.

Kody Brown Thinks Jenn Is Good For Meri

In the latest episode of Sister Wives, Meri was back at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. She had been struggling with how to go forward with it since her mother, Bonnie passed away. Bonnie had been living at and running the B&B for Meri. However, she left temporarily during the pandemic. That was when Meri’s only child, Leon, and their partner, Audrey stepped in while Bonnie stayed in Flagstaff. Once Bonnie passed away, Meri closed the B&B but was soon ready to open it back up.

Meri, Jenn/IG
Meri, Jenn

Kody had actually suggested she live there. This took Meri aback since it is located in Parowan, Utah. Fortunately, her best friend, Jenn had fallen in love with the B&B so she became its new manager. Jenn was introduced in the latest episode and Meri says she knows everything about the family from their highs and lows. Furthermore, Kody supports their friendship. He admits that she is just a very loyal person to Meri.

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He does clarify that he is unsure if Jenn is good at giving advice but he does note that it is “helpful” for Meri to have a close person outside of the family. Her relationships within the family are super strained and have been since the beginning. Therefore, it is great for her to have someone as close as Jenn. Meri cites that she will be visiting the inn a lot mainly to see Jenn. She also says you cannot be a BFF and a sister wife then casually apologizes to Robyn.

Meri & The B&B

Due to her strained marriage with Kody Brown, Meri has spent a lot of time traveling back and forth between Flagstaff and her B&B. She even has a special retreat planned for this month at the inn. Furthermore, she is traveling a lot with her LuLaRoe family. So, she has no need to really stay behind in Flagstaff and lament her relationships gone wrong. Fortunately, she can enjoy all the life avails her at the moment with good friends and Kody’s stamp of approval.

Do you think it is important that Kody thinks Jenn is good for Meri? Does Meri need a good friend? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


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