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Meri Brown Stunned By Kody Proposing She Move To The B&B

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Sister Wives star Meri Brown has had a rough go this season. Her beloved mother, Bonnie just passed away suddenly. Meri was in a race to get to her when she got the call she had died. This rocked Meri’s world and everyone who had met her had nothing but great things to say about Bonnie. She was also an integral part of Meri’s B&B, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. Now, with the Brown family in turmoil and Bonnie gone, Meri feels her world has turned upside down. Then, her husband, Kody is about to make a proposal that will further shake the businesswoman to the core. Read on for more details.

Kody Thinks Meri Brown Should Leave Flagstaff For Utah

Around the time that Meri’s mother passed away, third wife Christine revealed that she was leaving the family. She also shared that she would be leaving Flagstaff for Utah. There, she had family and felt much more welcomed as did her youngest daughter, Truely. It seems Utah is a place for the wives to go. In a clip for Sunday’s upcoming episode, Kody proposes that Meri go to live at her B&B located in Parowan. According to People, this takes Meri completely by surprise. Not only is she surprised but she is also quite hurt.

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Essentially, Meri had to shut down the inn after her mother’s passing in order to sort things out. So, Kody suggested that she go live there for the time being. Yet, she never had any plans to do something so dramatic.”While Kody probably didn’t mean this in a bad way, at the same time it could be completely misunderstood to the point where it’s insensitive. It was something that just didn’t need to be said,” Kody’s fourth wife, Robyn noted.

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Even second wife, Janelle commented that Meri never bought the inn as a residence but rather so that it would always be part of her family. “I was here at the very beginning — I helped start this family. It was me and him. We had plans and he loved me,” Meri hammers in. As far as Kody is concerned, he believed it made sense for her to live at the inn. They do not “interact that much.” He went on to add: “She’s laying this burden that she has at my feet about what to do with Lizzie’s Heritage Inn now that her mom’s passed and I’m like, here’s a solution for you.”

It’s Been Over For A Long Time

There is no secret that Meri Brown and Kody have been struggling for over a decade now. She openly admitted that she and her husband have not been intimate in over ten years. Christine even noted that she does not want what Meri and Kody have whatsoever. This is what made leaving a little easier. Fans question why Meri stays when she is getting nothing in return. Her only reason is to get to the Celestial Kingdom. Is that enough especially when she is treated so poorly? Luckily, she has so much going on professionally that it balances out anything with Kody.

Do you think it was fair that Kody suggested she move to her B&B? More so, do you think he was doing it for his own selfish reasons? Let us know in the comments and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


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  1. kody and Robyn hoping with Christine gone and Janelle not insync with Kodys wishes. only seems like get rid of Meri as no love loss on Kodys parts. Would leave all the property and house ro Kody. He would be loving in Hog heaven with Robyn and her kids! Karma will bite both in backside when least expected! Other wives better off than with a hypocrite of a husband like Kody. Thinks he’s a hotly but he’s not, kind of nauseating!

  2. Kody is a very selfish person and only cares about himself, his chances of getting into heaven left when he divorced Meri. Sobyn is getting what she wanted and that sorry rat doesnt deserve anything

  3. Meri you are so beautiful and deserve much more ,wish you the best .I’m sorry for your loss.move away from Kody one’s an for all have a little self respect he doesn’t love you and is so many fish in the see all you have to do yes get out from the toxic relationship.

  4. I used to like Kody but not anymore he treats 3 of his wives terrible and blames everyone around him and takes no responsibility for anything. What a wimp.

  5. Absolutely he said this to Meri for his own satisfaction!! Yeah I can finally get rid of her and keep her away from Robyn as the two are best friends. Absolutely he said this to hurt Meri! He is narcissistic. He’s an Ass, He thinks he is Gods gift to woman. I can’t wait for him to start looking for women to become his new wives!! It will be funny as shit and put him in his place unless he goes to the piligamist camps in Utah to find 3!!

  6. Cody is a self centered man. Christine’s leaving . you go girl. meri get out also he don’t want you. if your smart Janelle you go also. your all so nice he not good enough for any of you. your all beautiful women. you need a man who deserves you.and he sure doesn’t.

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