Ysabel Brown Says Christine Can’t Visit Too Soon Or Often, Why?

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Ysabel Brown loves her mother, Christine. However, her mom just cannot visit her in North Carolina right away. In the latest episode of Sister Wives, Christine, Ysabel, and Truely continued their road trip from Flagstaff. They were dropping Ysabel off at Maddie and Caleb’s home in North Carolina. That is where Ysabel will be living while she attends college. Yet, with all of the changes, Christine is not so sure she can be away from her daughter for too long.

Ysabel Brown Can’t Have Christine Come Visit Too Soon

Ysabel is thrilled to be living with Maddie and Caleb. So is Maddie’s mother and Christine’s sister wife, Janelle. They feel it will be great for Ysabel to see a fun-loving, functional marriage. After what she has seen between Christine and Kody for all of these years, it is time she learns that real love is genuinely possible. By the same token, she is really close to her mother and has been Christine’s rock while she was struggling with marital problems. They are really best friends.

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Christine is so impressed with the setup that Maddie and Caleb have for Ysabel but she does not want to say goodbye just yet. She goes on to suggest that she come back in about a month. Ysabel tells her this is not the best idea. She fears that if her mother does return so soon, she would probably end up leaving with her. Therefore, she tells her mom that they should wait until Christmas to see one another. Now, just a reminder, it was Christine who accompanied Ysabel to her scoliosis surgery while Kody stayed behind.

The Favorite Sister

Obviously, Ysabel Brown is a very special light in the family. Even her older sister Gwendlyn admitted that Ysabel is her favorite sister. Fortunately, the family has had plenty of opportunities to spend time together. In March of this year, Janelle and Christine took their kids to Disney World. They had a wellness event to attend there so it all worked out perfectly. Then, the following month, Christine threw a murder-mystery 5oth birthday party which Ysabel of course attended.

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Ysabel, Aspyn, Christine, Truely, Gwen

Ysabel spent the whole summer adventuring with her family and then they had her older brother, Logan’s wedding last month. There has been no shortage of mother-daughter time. The move has been great for Ysabel as she has truly come into her own. At the same time, Christine made a big leap by moving with Truely from Flagstaff to Utah. Both women are living their best lives and it shows.

What do you think of Ysabel Brown’s advice for her mother? Should she have let Christine come to visit anyway? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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