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Maddie Brush & Ysabel Brown Enjoy Spa Pamper Session

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Maddie Brush and Ysabel Brown are enjoying sisterly bonding time. Ever since Ysabel moved to North Carolina to attend college, she has been having an amazing time. Not only has she been exploring and making friends but she has proven to be a great aunt to Axel and Evie K. Fortunately, she was able to move right in with her big sister and her family so the adjustment was easy. Now, the two ladies are getting some special treatment. Read on for more details.

Maddie Brush & Ysabel Brown Get Pampered Like Queens

The girls have been road-tripping and busy little bees. Now, Maddie and Ysabel are taking time for themselves, along with a friend, at a spa. The three ladies indulged in pedicures that Madison highlighted on her Instagram stories. Alongside Ysabel, with their friend in the middle, Maddie captioned the post: “Pedicure time” with a heart-eyed emoji. They seemed to be having the best time, just luxuriating and it is well-deserved.

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Maddie is currently expecting her third baby with her husband, Caleb. Their little girl, due in February, will join Axel and Evie K. At the same time, the busy mama has been hustling with her MLM business. She, along with her mother, Janelle, and Christine Brown, are Plexus retailers. So, the three of them have quite the hustle and it allows them to travel a lot. She was also in school for a long time but no word if she has kept that up.

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As for Ysabel, she is in her second year of college but is also reliving her parents’ divorce in the current season of Sister Wives. Her mother, Christine is Kody’s third wife but opted to leave the marriage in early 2021. The timing was perfect for Ysabel who had made the decision to attend college away from Flagstaff. Plus, Christine had decided to move to Utah upon splitting from Kody, anyway. So, what was the cause for the pedicures, aside from a fun girl’s day? Maybe a wedding?

Special Occasion?

According to Maddie Brush and Ysabel Brown’s sibling, Leon, their brother Logan is getting married this weekend. Along with their partner, Audrey Kriss, they were at the airport getting ready to head to the wedding. So it would make perfect sense that Ysabel and Maddie would be getting done up for the event. As for who else will be there, that is anybody’s guess. Ysabel’s mother has exited the plural family but has remained very close to Maddie and Logan’s mother, Janelle. She also helped raise Janelle’s children so this will be a huge and exciting celebration.

What do you think of Ysabel Brown and Maddie Brush’s bond? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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