Gwendlyn Brown Admits She Has A Favorite Sister, Who?

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Gwendlyn Brown is becoming much more open and talkative than fans have ever seen. A few episodes back, the daughter of Kody and Christine shared that she is bisexual. This is not much of a surprise if you follow her on social media. There, she posts photos of her and her girlfriend as well as the adventures they go on. Now, in the latest episode of Sister Wives, the twenty-one-year-old further opened up about her favorite sister. Read on for more details on who it is.

Who Is Gwendlyn Brown’s Favorite Sister?

Gwendlyn is one of eighteen children. Therefore, she has a lot of siblings to choose from. However, she had no problem sharing who her favorite sister is. As Ysabel was preparing to move to North Carolina in the latest episode, Truely and Gwen shared how they were feeling. Along with their mother, Christine they are the only ones left living in the Flagstaff home. Truely admitted that she would miss Ysabel but knew they would chat on the phone and such. Things were very different for Ysabel’s older sister, though.


Gwendlyn openly said that Ysabel is her favorite sister and that it would be weird having an empty room in the home. As it stands, Christine and Truely would be moving to Utah. Ysabel is heading to North Carolina to live with her sister and Janelle’s daughter, Maddie while she attends college. Finally, Gwendlyn is already in college in Flagstaff so she has chosen to finish up there. This means she was going to be the only one staying behind.

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There was actually a point where Christine had thought about keeping the home in Flagstaff and renting it out so that Gwen could stay there. She had yet to actually meet people on campus due to the pandemic. Therefore it was really hard for her to find roommates to live with. In the end, as viewers know, the home was put up for sale as it was the best option.

A Close Family

Despite living far apart, Ysabel and Gwendlyn Brown have been able to see each other a lot. Ysabel was just with Gwen to celebrate her twenty-first birthday. Then, the family all gathered for the nuptials of Kody and his second wife, Janelle’s eldest son Logan and his fiancee Michelle Petty. Christine even gushed over how gorgeous her daughters were as they danced the night away. Plus, they have maintained a fantastic relationship with Janelle’s children, as well.

Are you shocked to learn who Gwendlyn Brown’s favorite sister is? Did you have a feeling all along? Let us know in the comments and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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