Kody Brown Chucks Daughter Madison Under The Bus

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No wonder Kody Brown struggles with relationships between himself and his kids. In the latest episode of Sister Wives, he literally threw his daughter, Madison under the bus. The father of eighteen did not even think twice about his actions, he just did it. Even when he was called out on his behavior, he was unapologetic. So, what did Kody say that he maybe should have kept anonymous for Maddie? Read on for more details.

Kody Brown Throws Madison Under The Bus

It is no secret that Kody has strained relationships with some of his children. They think how he handled the pandemic was horrible. He picked and chose which wives he wanted to be with. Essentially, he separated the family so badly, some might say it is beyond repair. There have been photos of him, one photo, with his granddaughter, Avalon. She belongs to his daughter with Christine, Mykelti. Yet, he is not making a real effort to see his daughter, Maddie, or her two children, Axel and Evie.


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The last time they were seen around him was right when Evie was born and came to visit Flagstaff. She is now three. However, Maddie’s mother, Janelle visits quite often and Christine’s daughter, Ysabel just moved in with Maddie and her family. Now, Kody has taken the opportunity to throw Maddie under the bus. The wives and Kody were sitting outside as Christine shared she would be moving to Utah in a week. Her home had been sold but Meri, Robyn, and Kody still had questions.

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Kody has been alleging that Christine told the kids she was leaving prior to telling him. He then shared that one of the people she told was Janelle’s daughter, Maddie. Apparently, Madison told her father that Christine had been talking about leaving him for a while. This was one of those moments that never should have come out. He should have kept it confidential between him and his daughter but he was clearly looking for any ammo to make Christine look bad.

Christine Claps Back

She was not about to throw any of the children under the bus. Of course, Christine admitted to Kody Brown that she had talked to the children about the situation. Yet, it felt as though he had pushed her into saying something that he wanted to hear. However, she would not name names because that was not fair to their kids. Many viewers may notice how Kody has divided the kids by wives. There are Janelle’s kids and Christine’s kids. Then, when it comes to Robyn’s, they are “their kids.” So it is very clear to see where his allegiance stands not that he needed to point it out any further.

Do you think it was right for Kody Brown to throw Madison under the bus like that? Should he have left the kids that he had spoken with anonymous? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. one day soon Kody will find himself a lonely man with one wife! He’s a mean, arrogant jerk who doesn’t deserve any of them (kids included)! I applaud Christine for having a backbone in her situation; I wish Meri would do the same! Both ladies are smart, funny and beautiful who deserve to have a man who loves and adores them. Kody is NOT that man. Kody uses the catfishing scam against Meri to have an excuse to shun her, when the reality is there would have been no scam had he been a proper husband to begin with. Sadly, he will never ever take the blame for any of it. Hell, he takes the blame for NOTHING, ever … it’s always a wife or a child’s fault. As for Janelle, I’ve never been able to get a handle on that relationship except I think she is financially secure and carries the majority of any financial burden for the family … which is just fine with Kody! So, in turn, he treats her well enough to have her stay. Poor Robyn, none of this is her fault but she has put herself in a position where she can’t walk away because she is married to him legally (thanks to Meri for doing something she didn’t have to). She has to put in at least 10-15 more years until all of her children are old enough to fly the coop. Unless, of course, Kody decides he wants another and another and another ….

    1. Robyn likes to act innocent but trust me she is in Kody’s ear. She is a wolf in sheep clothing. Meri is playing up to Robyn because she knows as first wife that is who can advocate for her, but Robyn won’t because she has no intention of sharing Kody but needs Meri around for the money as she needs Janelle and Christine. If they all leave Robyn can’t maintain the lifestyle that she likes without working. My concern is how Kody is grooming Aurora (new wife 4?). He seemed almost giddy announcing she was still a virgin at 16. Most girls are in my experience…

      1. The money that the 3 wives put in the pot is the only reason Cody had them. It’s why Robin doesn’t like have to work. Apparently she sits around all day and does nothing.

  2. Kody Brown is a total dirtbag. How ANYONE has ever wanted to be with him is impossible for me to wrap my head around. He is disgusting and nasty. He thinks if no one but himself. OF COURSE he would throw his own daughter under the bus. He has no soul.

    1. what I don’t understand is why Kody and Robyn are still being paid to be on the show when no one wants to see them.
      no more Christmas mornings together, no more birthdays, this family is forever broken and they can all thank Kody and Robyn

  3. Of course it wasn’t right for Kody to say what he said….when was the last time that he did anything right?
    The guy is a narcissistic child. I don’t know how anyone puts up with his bullshit.

  4. Everyone’s right about Kody being a narcissist. though I don’t doubt that he loves his kids and he has little love in his heart for his wives but he’s not in love with any of them other than Robin. and I think the only reason he gives her so much attention is because she’s obedient to his words. however she was right when she said he needed to sleep on the couch. if he actually loved his wife and wanted to make it work he’d suffer along with her. same thing with Janelle on the 5th wheel trailer.
    but once again he only cares about his comfort and his happiness.
    and sometimes he acts like the kids are just there for breaking rights I got this many kids I got this new watch I’m making into the kingdom. Know you’re not going to make it into the kingdom. because the only man who deserves more than one wife are the ones that treat the first wife very very good. he lost interest in Mary when she couldn’t have kids. Mary got catfished because he wasn’t giving her enough attention. she sacrificed everything for his happiness. still not good enough for him he’s selfish inconsiderate asshole. and Robin needs to stop enabling him.
    it’s just a matter of time before the only wife you’ll have left is Robin. and by the time their kids are grown she’s probably going to want to leave him too.
    and if you ask why on Earth they would want to do this or because their eyes are open. they’re not locked up on private property with no television. like the ones up in Utah are. and I’m not saying all polygamists live their lives like this in fact I have nothing against polygamy I get it. however receiving a letter wife is supposed to be a gift because of how good they’re being treated not something that a man feels like he deserves. because of how good they’re being treated not something that a man feels like he deserves. it should never be the man’s choice to add another wife it should always be the wife or wives choice to add another wife. this way they will find someone who matches the family and it’s a gift for the husband who’s been treating them so well. but then again I believe in the brother husband method too. which proves even more of his narcissism. he’d rather have his wives be without intimacy and still sticking around like Mary does. no one should have to live like that watching the person you love love on someone else while you get nothing. that’s torture! and that’s why if you’re going to be in a relationship it’s going to have multiple people in it then you need to be reminded it’s a gift and not something you’re owed. cuz most people would not put up with it.
    kody grow up and can quit thinking you deserve everything. except the fact you’re not perfect and actually mean it and not just use the words.
    and remember you receive respect when you show respect and you have not been showing respect to you otherwise. you’ve not cared about them. Robin’s a strong woman she doesn’t need you to babysit her all the time. she can speak up for herself. so quit using her as a crutch and Robin please please stop enabling him force him to confront these relationships and work on them. otherwise you guys are all going to lose the family and robin you’re going to be in a monogamous relationship.

  5. Kody appears illiterate in many areas. he is self centered, selfish, narcissistic, antagonistic, mocking, arrogant, demeaning, unapologetic, manipulative, deceitful, and the list goes on. Additionally, he is unattractive, he has a mop for hair, he has an extreme ego disorder to the point he is always right, everything he does and says is the best, he compares himself to others, but he is not truthful when doing so.
    He brought 18 children into this world, abd some of those 18 children have children, he has also adopted children.
    so he has a tiny town’s worth of his own family.
    He treats the adopted children better than his blood children, when they should all be treated the same. He is so obvious in his favoritism to all Robyn’s kids. He has a double standard: Lay’s down harsh laws during Covud, causing a split in the family that will never be repaired, abd then he abd Robyn had a Nanny at their home, which caught Covid, after all his talking down to his other 3 wives and their children. It was disgraceful watching him with Robyn and her kids for 2 years of Covid. Another reality Check is that Kody nor Robyn work, the other wives carry them and the TLC shoe Sister Wives carry them. Albeit Kody keeps most of the $$$. Robyn is just as much to blame for Kody’s actions, when you are in a polygamist marriage with many wives, each wife is to keep the peace, but Robyn allowed it, and even pushed the Covid Laws. she enjoys being # 1, it makes her feel like she is the star of the show, so I don’t believe for a second that she cares about the other wives at all. Any words out of her mouth is not true. I feel the most bad for Mary. She has been mentally abused by Kody, and she hangs on. She was his first wife, she should be adored, not thrown away. how sick it that. And Kody will seek another wife, then Robyn will feel what the other 3 feel. as for Christine Well SHE was courageous and a strong woman to leave and start over. however, something just does not ring clear to me. She married Kody knowing she was the 3rd wife, yet she went along with it. And at first they had a decent marriage. and They were happy. She made it sound like the entire marriage was like being I Hell. She made a comment thT She is extremely Jealous, and it angered her when Kody spent intimate time with the other wives. Well, thars what she signed up for, there was alot of video clips over the years of Christine throwing a fit. I’m sure it was hard for the other 3 wives to deal with, and Kody. Yes he is is no man, or husband material, however, how should he feel when She was always in a bad mood. she should have left within a year or two when she realized it wasn’t for her. You have to be a mature, selfless person to live in this type of marriage. They have all been so selfish they own 4 homes, instead of 1 big home. What’s the point of Polygamy if they are living like that, it just made it like a cheating relationship. All the other shows RE: Polygamy, all the wives and children live in one home, and they try are sisters. By living apart it broke their bond and the sisterhood. They should have lived in a Huge hone with Mary as the lead wife.
    TLC needs to cancel this show, it sends a wrong message to the American people, and young adults who think: Let’s do that without knowing why they are.
    I hope all the kids will be fine however it turn out.

  6. Robin is just much to blame for all their relationships going downhill she’s the one that wanted Cody to do all the covid stuff cuz you can watch it in the clip where she fusses on him for not doing the covid protocols
    and Cody loves Robin only and her kids and please marry leave go get your own life be happy it was his fault what you did but he can’t see that and it’s not fair to you
    and Cody is full of s*** I can’t stand him

    1. We all know the show, only shows you what it wants to , to fit their agenda or story line. I bet ,their lives are so much worse than we know. I applaud Christine for standing up to him and taking control of her life. I heard Janelle was also gone. I love both of these ladies, smart, beautiful and too good for him . Meri has a lot invested as she has been married to him the longest.She is also beautiful, smart and deserves someone who will really love her. He is just an ass, who believes that the world owes him something, and he is selfish, and I am not sure he even loves Robyn. She is just the shiny new toy he has. He just wants women slaves , that give him children and make him money. I have been watching this show a long time and all of the wives have given him all they had in so many ways . TLC, really should do a show for Christine and Janelle and Meri, I’f she can just wake up and see she deserves so much more! The show should be something like – New lives for the Sister Wives. He is no longer and really never has been worthy of the wives or the show. Robyn, well, she seems to be a martyr. Those two just feed off one another, and she just does what he says to live like she is. I pray that all of the wives find happiness and real love.

  7. Kody has no integrity. He has no relationship with the majority of his children and put his own wants before their needs. They need a father a respectable role model, he’s neither. Mary has wasted her youth and the best years of her life on him. Mary…it’s so unflattering to see you gravel over this person who clearly cares nother about you. His children basically have no one but their mothers and they have been raised like most of America, in a fatherless home. He’s no better than any other dead beat father. SHAMEFUL! Ladies move on. He’s clearly all of the names he’s being called, I’ll add one more, IDIOT!

  8. I don’t understand why he is even on TV. he is rude, arrogant, childish, etc. All he is is a sperm donor. It is me, me and me, he thinks he is the only one of importance. He is a joke.

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