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Kody Brown Insists Christine Screwed Him Out Of HIS Money

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Kody Brown admitted during this week’s episode that he was under the impression they would be splitting all of their assets 50/50 when Christine made the decision to leave. Christine Brown, however, was looking for something clean and simple. Frustrated, Kody insists Christine screwed him out of money he was entitled to in an attempt to do a “clean and simple” financial split the way she wanted to instead of in a way that was fair.

Up until this point, Christine Brown has pointed out that the house is in her name. And, that means Kody isn’t entitled to the house. Kody, however, argues that family money was used to help Christine purchase the home because she was not in a position to do so. Moreover, Kody says there’s a really good reason why his name isn’t on the lease of the house. And, it is a reason Christine neglected to mention and took advantage of in this situation.

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Kody Brown insists Christine screwed him out of his money

During a confessional, Kody Brown explained there was a very logical reason as to why his name was not on the deed of Christine’s home. He added that it was the reason why his name really isn’t on any of the wives’ leases. Kody reminded fans that polygamy isn’t exactly legal in most places. So, putting the assets just in the wives’ names is a way of protecting the assets if Kody were to end up in jail for practicing polygamy. Kody proceeded to explain it was a fairly common practice in polygamy. It just served as protection for the family.

Frustrated, Kody Brown argues that Christine took advantage of the situation and claimed her name being on the lease meant the house only belonged to her but that was hardly the case. So, Kody believed that keeping all of the money from the house was screwing both himself and the family out of money that didn’t just belong to Christine.

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YouTube – Sister Wives

Firing back at what Christine said, Kody pointed out that the assets he shared with Christine SHOULD be split 50/50. She, however, did not have any claim to the assets that were in the names of the other wives. At the end of the day, it sounds like Kody lost his fight on the house money and missed out on paydays for anything Christine sold that he believed belonged to both of them.

Do you think Christine screwed Kody Brown out of money he was entitled to? Or, do you think Kody is being dramatic? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives.

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  1. Good for her cody screwed all his wives glad they all turned on him got what he deserved hope hes happy with dumb robin

  2. he’s a POS. if he wants half from her she should get half of all of his stuff including everything at the other wives houses

  3. Yes if he did give her the down payment for the house he should get the money back. What about the four very expensive and beautiful new houses he bought in Vegas? Has Christine ever held a job?

    1. She raised all the kids. She provided a huge financial benefit caring for so many children. Look up the financial impact a stay at home mom provides.

  4. She deserves all of it.
    She stayed home and raised 14 children so the other Mothers could work. Family money went into each wives house. Does she get 1/4 of each house?
    She agreed to sign over her rights to Coyote Pass for zero.
    Cody wanted ALL the money from the sale of her house to pay off the land where she wasn’t even going to live. Cody’s way has never been fair to anyone other than Robin.
    He never made 1 mortgage payment on her house.

    1. That’s exactly what I was going to say. Christine isn’t getting any of the Coyote Pass money that is rightfully hers. I’d bet he wouldn’t be too happy to have to come up with the $250,000 for Christine’s quarter of that property. All she’s taking is what she gets out of selling her house. And she’s not even selling it right away.

  5. In any marriage everything is split 50/50 , So in this case it should be the same. It doesn’t matter who’s right who’s wrong , but also factor in who has the kids and adjust the money accordingly. Also any marriage take work on both parts having multiple your just asking for trouble and someone going to be neglected or children. I hope you find the one on one that everyone needs.

  6. Cody is a POS!!! He is getting exactly what he deserves. He is a phoney and has taken a younger and favorite wife now and primarily spends his life with her but wants control of the other wives and finances. What does his pitiful A$$ do for a living. Christine has been more than nice to his nasty ways.

  7. No because she is giving up her rights to Coyote Pass. They’re about equal in actual fair market value Kody in some sorts could actually being in the positive on this trade once they build on the property it’s value will increase.

  8. where’s the child support money? Don’t hear any mention of that! yet it’s all about what Cody feels entitled to. The family money paid her down payment in the house and she has paid every payment since. He got Coyote Pass her portion of property so she doesn’t iwe him crap. He wanted the money to pay off Coyote Pass which would benefit all but her. He wasn’t even worried about a roof over his daughters head once Christine got to Utah. He’s contributed nothing. They were never married so he’s entitled to nothing! Go get a job Cody and support your kids. Everything out of his mouth is about him and what he wants. And Robin needs to stay out of others business. she lost all respect Sunday the way she attacked Christine. Meri is good for talking behind others backs but never will talk to that person.

  9. Cody does not deserve the money, and I hope Christine hits him for child support! And half of tuition for college kids!

  10. I clearly heard Jennelle say that the family helped Christine with her down payment on the house and that the family also helped Robyn with her down payment. And that the equity Christine has in Coyote Pass is equal to the money used in Christine’s down payment. So by giving back her share of Coyote Pass is it quite equal.
    Christine is in titled to the money from the house.

    Koty doesn’t deserve any of the house money. And Kody should have to pay Christine child support until Truly is 18. So Kody needs to shut up and back off.

  11. Christine is only getting money from the house and she doesn’t owe Koty half. The family helped her buy the house. And the family helped Robyn buy the house she and Koty are in. Christine is giving her share of Coyotte Pass to the family..
    Kody should be paying child support to Christine.

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